Transgender journalism

Transgender people have worked as journalists since the advent of the field. In the 19th century, American journalists like Jack Bee Garland were reporting news, though many had to do so without being out about being trans due to profound discrimination. In the 21st century, many journalists were finally able to do their jobs while out.

Most large news outlets have searchable archives with transgender topics, and most news browsing services have a way to set up keywords for transgender subjects.

Many historic transgender journalism resources may be of interest for historians and archivists.

The outlets below also have very good trans-focused reporting, often written by trans journalists.

News outlets

The Advocate (

  • Original reporting on trans people from the longest-running LGBT news org.

them. (

  • Great queer lifestyle news.

The Heroines of My Life (

  • Monika Kowalska’s long-running blog features interviews with hundreds of trans people, including my 2013 interview.

The TransAdvocate (

  • Good trans coverage with some well-researched long-form reporting.

Planet Transgender (

  • Good blog coverage of trans news around the world, with original reporting and commentary.
  • previously at from 2014-2021 [archive]

Women Born Transsexual (

  • Nice personal blog by Suzan Cooke.

See also groups and journalists listed under transgender audio and social media for commentary on trans news topics.



  • NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists was founded in 1990.

Trans Journalists Association (

TJA has a non-hierarchal leadership structure. Our organizing committee includes Cassius Adair, Sasha Alexander, Gillian Branstetter, Kam Burns, Ashley Dejean, Al Donato, Abigail Hadfield, Da’Shaun L. Harrison, Alex Kapitan, Jess Kung, Kae Petrin, Scout Schiro, Olympia Sudan, Meredith Talusan, Ana Valens, Emily VanDerWerff, Tuck Woodstock, and Lara Witt


Many excellent trans + and genderqueer + journalists are publishing work each day. Here are some of the better-known people (alphabetically). See people who are missing? Send them in!

Samantha Allen (

Tre’vell Anderson (

Priya Arora (

Nicky Bandini (

Sydney Bauer 

Tatyana Bellamy-Walker (

Jennifer Finney Boylan (

Katelyn Burns (

Kelli Busey (

Gina Chua (

Sophie Cook (

T Cooper (

Dawn Ennis (

Alyza Enriquez (

Sam H. Escobar (

Ina Fried

Henry Giardina (

Morgan Lev Edward Holleb (

Juliet Jacques (

Imara Jones (

Robyn Kanner (

Oliver-Ash Kleine

Eden Lane (

Paris Lees

Canela López

Thomas Page McBee (

Janet Mock (

Jack Monroe (

Katherine O’Donnell

Shannon Power

Erin Reed (

Danica Roem (

Gwendolyn Ann Smith (

Danielle Solzman (

Kate Sosin (

Meredith Talusan (

Brynn Tannehill (

Jacob Tobia (

Diana Tourjee (

Zoey Tur

Evan Urquhart (

Ana Valens / Ana Wythe (

  • Twitter: acvalens
  • Twitter: SpaceDoctorPhD [deleted]

M.A. Voepel / Michael “Mike” Voepel

India Willoughby

Harron Walker (

Lewis Raven Wallace (

Historically significant trans journalists

  • Donna Cartwright (born 1947)
  • Leslie Feinberg (1949–2014)
  • Jack Bee Garland (1869–1936)
  • Jan Morris (1926–2020)
  • Monica Roberts (1962 – 2020) Twitter: @transgriot
  • Philippa York (born 1958)