Transgender audio

You have many wonderful gender-related podcasts and radio shows from which to choose, and many shows not specifically for our community have had trans and genderqueer guests on for great episodes.

Programs in production

As of 2019, these programs are creating new episodes.

One From the Vaults (

  • Trans history. Host: Morgan M. Page. 40+ episodes since 2015. (iTunes)

The Deeper End (

  • Trans topics and guests. Hosts: Donna Rose and Diana Fronterhouse. 80+ episodes since 2016. (iTunes)
  • I was a guest on episode 12 in 2016.

TransPanTastic (

  • Trans topics. Hosts: George and Jess. 250+ episodes since 2013. (iTunes)

How to Be a Girl (

  • Trans youth and parenting. Host: Marlo Mack, parent of a transgender daughter who socially transitioned at 6. 35 episodes starting in 2014. (iTunes)

The Gender Rebels (

  • Trans Q&A. Hosted by Faith and Kath. 130+ episodes since 2016. (iTunes)

Gender Fluids (

  • Trans topics and edgy commentary. Hosts: Arielle Isaac Norman and Austin Smartt. 60+ episodes since 2017. (iTunes)

The Trans Music Podcast (

  • Trans culture. Host: Riley. 10+ episodes starting in 2018. (iTunes)

What The Trans!?: The Transgender News Podcast (

  • Trans news. Hosts: Michelle O’Toole and Ashley Talbot. 20+ episodes since 2018. (iTunes)

Beyond Gender Podcast (

  • Interviews. Hosts: Caleb Arring and Marissa Alexa McCool with news by Dorian Michelle Vrenden. 90+ episodes since 2015. (iTunes)

Waves Breaking (

  • Trans poetry. Host: Avren Keating. 25+ episodes since 2015. (iTunes)

Taylor Chandler Gives Good Radio (

  • Covers Intersex, Transgender, Girlslikeus, and more.

Estradiol Illusions (

  • Cultural commentary and interviews. Host: Ian Thomas Malone (iTunes). 40+ episodes since 2019.
  • I was a guest on this episode: August 29, 2019

The TransAdvocate (

  • Trans news and commentary with guests. Host: Cristan Williams. 80+ episodes since 2011. (iTunes)

Gender Reveal (

  • Genderqueer culture with guests. Host: Molly Woodstock. 50+ episodes since 2018. (iTunes)

Transmission with Jackson Bird (

  • Interviews. Host: Jackson Bird. ~10 episodes since 2017. (iTunes)

Trans SWAG: A Show For Transgender Men – FTM (

  • A show for transgender men. Host: Kameron Trumbo. 38 episodes starting in 2017. (iTunes)

The Transgender Scientist

  • Science applied to current transgender issues. Hosted by Dana Bevan. 15+ episodes since 2018. (iTunes)

Transparently Trans (

  • Topics for transmen. Hosted by Dani Brown. 5+ episodes since 2018. (iTunes)

Trans Radio UK (

  • The only trans radio station in the UK and probably the world. (TuneIn)

Archival programs

GenderTalk (

Transition Transmission Transgender Podcast (

  • Hosts: Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, Ramona Knotts. 94 episodes from 2012–2018. (iTunes)

Public Trans Podcast

  • Hosts: Ave Bisesi and Mac Maclean. 10 episodes in 2018. (iTunes)

Diary of a Trans Woman (

  • Hosts: Abby Wessels and EJ Kaiser. 106 episodes from 2017–2018. (iTunes)

The They/Them Podcast (

  • Hosts: Moon Poet and Whooping Cough. 17 episodes from 2017–2018. (iTunes)

Transgeneral (

  • Hosts: Chelsey and Charlotte. 34 episodes from 2016 to 2017. (iTunes)

Trans P.O.V. (

  • Trans topics and interviews. Hosted by Michelle “Mama Mish” Sheppard, Anastasia Le & Bowie Stover. 40+ episodes since 2017. (iTunes)
  • I was on the 24 August 2017 episode on dating.

Trans-Ponder (

  • News and interviews. Hosts: Mila and Jayna Ponder. 200+ episodes from from 2007–2014. I was on episode 53 in May 2008.

The Queenz of Media (

  • Trans topics with guests. Hosted by Skylar and Grace. 43 episodes from 2009–2013. I was on their February 26, 2009 episode.

TransFM (

  • A network of talk shows organized by Ethan & Karen St. Pierre from 2009 to 2011 that included:
  • The Radical Trannies Hosted By Ethan and Karen St. Pierre
  • Trannywreck Hosted by Rebecca Marie Nay (
  • The Talking Tranny Hosted by Susan Moses (
  • The Rebecca Juro Show Hosted by Becky Juro (
  • Nashville Gender Talk Hosted by Roxie (via
  • TransPhilly radio Hosted by Stasha Goliaszewski (
  • Intersex with a Queer perspective Hosted by Curtis Hinkle
  • I’d Rather Be a TransFlake Than A TransFake Hosted by Katrina Rose (
  • Transgender News Hosted by Autumn Sandeen

Trans and genderqueer hosts

I also recommend these great podcasts that are not on trans topics but are hosted by community members:

dadfeelings (

  • Discusses notable fictional dads through history. Hosted by merritt k. 100+ episodes since 2016. (iTunes)

Imogen Watches Classic Films (

  • Commentary on great films. Hosted by Imogen Binnie. 40+ episodes since 2016. (iTunes)

Never Before (

  • Interviews. Hosted by Janet Mock. 12 episodes in 2017. (iTunes)

Episodes featuring trans and genderqueer guests

A few I’ve enjoyed. Suggestions welcome!

Katie Couric 52 (February 8, 2018). Wonder Woman: Laverne Cox

Girlboss (September 27, 2017). Janet Mock

Don’t @ Me with Justin Simien (October 9, 2018). Janet Mock

WTF with Marc Maron 616 (July 6, 2015). Laura Jane Grace

The Joe Rogan Experience 399 (October 1, 2013). Buck Angel

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