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Transgender social media

Never send or post anything you would not want forwarded to your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and coworkers. For more, see interacting safely with others online.

Many toxic online communities also exist on social media, so be very careful about what you share. See my tips on online safety.

Reddit gender-focused subreddits

As with any platform where most users are anonymous, it’s important to protect your identity and confirm any factual information presented.

Mainly positive/affirming groups include:

Mainly toxic groups include:

  • r/actualwomen (banned)
  • r/Ask_Radical_Feminists (private)
  • r/cisprivilegeisalie (banned)
  • r/detrans
  • r/GCdebatesQT (banned)
  • r/GenderCritical (banned)
  • r/GenderCriticalGuys (banned)
  • r/GenderCynicalCritical (banned)
  • r/gender_detox
  • r/goodnewsforwomen (private)
  • r/LibFemExposed
  • r/MenWinningWomensSport (banned)
  • r/nametheproblem
  • r/NeovaginaDisasters (banned)
  • r/RadFemMothering (private)
  • r/Radical_Feminists (private)
  • r/reconcilingwomyn (inactive as of 2018)
  • r/terfisaslur (banned)
  • r/transgenderkids (banned)
  • r/TrollGC (banned)
  • r/WomensHerstory (private)

Toxic groups not specifically about gender include:

  • r/KotakuInAction
  • r/TumblrInAction (banned)
  • r/BlockedAndReported
  • r/politics
  • r/TwoXChromosomes
  • r/ChapoTrapHouse (banned)
  • r/CringeAnarchy (banned)
  • r/PoliticalHumor
  • r/The_Donald (banned)
  • r/antikink
  • r/antipornography
  • r/Anti_Prostitution (private)
  • r/cance11ed (private)
  • r/feminisms
  • r/feminist_videos (private)
  • r/feministspirituality
  • r/thisneverhappens (banned)

Discord gender-focused servers

Suggestions via disboard (

Transgender Facebook groups

Transgender forums

Transgender YouTube channels