Transgender slang, slurs, and controversial words

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admirer: [slang] someone who is attracted to transgender people. Used to describe someone whose sexual orientation leans towards people who are gender expansive, and who may be attracted to such a person based on their combination of sex characteristics, or is attracted to the very essence of gender in that person, regardless of their combination of genitals or secondary sexual characteristics.

“autogynephilia”: a controversial concept, best described as “a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of oneself as a woman.” Considered by some to be a motivation for transition in some trans women, especially later-transitioning women. Sometimes abbreviated AGP. Please see “Autogynephilia”: A disputed diagnosis for details on the controversy.

bi: [slang] bisexual

bind: to conceal breasts

biogirl also bio-girl: [slang] a non-trans woman. Some do not consider this a preferred term (see GG), because it implies a trans person has no biological basis for identifying as female.

bioguy also bio-guy: [slang] a non-trans man. Some do not consider this a preferred term, because it implies a trans person has no biological basis for identifying as male.

booger queen: An unattractive drag queen, often intentional.

boy mode: [slang] living as male: “I worked in boy mode while I finished my electrolysis.”

brick: [slur] a derogatory term for someone who isn’t accepted as female.

brickhouse [noun]: a derogatory term used to describe gender conventions by people who probably would never consider attending one of them.

chicks with dicks: [slur] another term from pornography used to describe transwomen. Considered highly offensive.

clock [slang] (verb): to be recognized as transgender.

deep stealth: [slang] Someone whose trans status is not known by anyone they interact with on a daily basis, esp. a sex partner.

dragzilla: a derogatory term for someone who isn’t accepted as female.

dude out (verb): to be read: “I got duded out on the street by some kids.”

electro: electrolysis

en drab: [slang] dressed as a male.

en femme: [slang] dressed as a female.

endo: short for endocrinologist

FePhe: [slang] Also Fifi. [rare] Female Phenotype. A non-transsexual woman, the emphasis is on the typical female body morph rather than the chromosomes (see also GG).

Fetish: [slang] an interest, often sexual, in an object not typically viewed as sexual.

fish: [slang] 1. a very derogatory term used by some to refer to non-trans women. Often considered highly offensive. 2. a compliment among some, too: “You look so fish.”

full time: full-time, living full time in one’s chosen gender.

gaff: a device used to secure tucked male genitalia in place to make the area appear female.

gag (verb)[slang] to show extreme jealousy: “I was gagging when I saw how good she looked.”

gagging (adjective): [slang] looking good enough to cause jealousy: “She is absolutely gagging now that she had her nose done.”

genderfuck: someone who appears visibly gender variant.

Gender nazi [rare]: (1) a derogatory term assigned by gender-different people to gender caregivers (e.g., “gatekeepers”) who insist that their patients jump through a series of SoC hoops to affirm their existence as gender-different people. (2) a derogatory term applied by some gender-different people to other gender-different people who adamantly follow the SoC word-for-word, argue vehemently on its behalf and pedestal gatekeepers as modern-day saviors.

Groin job [slang] [rare]: a de-medicalized, casual way of describing genital surgery, without inferring that it reassigns sex. “Groin job” is not popular by people who subscribe to the philosophy that being gender-different is an illness or a disorder.

GG: [slang] genetic girl, sometimes used as a term to describe non-trans women (as opposed to TG). Sometimes considered derogatory by women who were raised as girls from birth onwards and by some transwomen who feel that chromosomes are not the defining characteristic for womanhood.

GW: [slang] genetic woman, sometimes used as a term to describe non-transgender women.

herbals: dietary supplements purported to have feminizing effects. Most have no clinical proof they work as claimed

hon: [derogatory slang] an unattractive trans person.

juice [noun]: [slang] any external hormones used to appropriate certain secondary features (either FTM or MTF). Also juice cocktail

LesBiGaTr: Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, transgender. An overarching term for anyone outside gender norms

lipo: liposuction

ma’am (verb): [slang] To be referred to as female, usually when you want to be: “I got ma’amed at the store today.”

Mary Kay girl [noun]: [slang] a derogatory term made by some gender-different people to describe others who may be perceived as crossdressers; as having a deficiency in in fashion or makeup skills; or simply poorly-transparent, transgender or transsexual people. (alternate term: Dermablend girl)

mones: [slang] hormones

my T: my trans identity, also my historymy legend, my situationmy deal, my function: “I don’t tell anybody my T.”

natal woman: a term used by some to exclude transsexuals from the definition of femininity. See also woman-born woman

non-op (non-operative): [slang] someone who lives as female but does not plan to have vaginoplasty.non-TS: women who are not transsexual. A preferred term used by this site.

orch, orchie or orchy: short for orchiedectomy

pack: to put an object in one’s clothes that suggests the presence of a penis.

post-op (post-operative): [slang] had vaginoplasty. Sometimes used as an objectifying adjective by transfans: “Post-ops don’t interest me at all.”

pre-op (pre-operative): [slang] haven’t had vaginoplasty, but plans to. Sometimes used as an objectifying adjective by transfans: “I only like pre-ops.” Many people feel that categorizing by surgical status places too much emphasis on a procedure that can be difficult to obtain for many transpeople.

pshrink: therapist

psych: a psychologist or psychiatrist: “I got my psych letters.”

pumped: [slang] to be injected with free silicone, a cheap but illegal way to change your body shape.

punk (verb): to be read: “Somebody punked me at the bar last night.”

read (verb): [slang] 1. to be recognized as transgender, esp. by a non-trans person. 2. to insult someone, as in, “I had to read her after she was acting shady.”

real girl: [slang] a very loaded term used to describe non-transsexual women. Considered highly offensive.

Roger: [slang] A post-vaginoplasty transsexual woman who does not pass and has given up trying to pass. See also brick.

shemale: [slang] a sexualized term popularized in pornography for a transgender woman who has not had surgery. Often considered highly offensive. Also she-male.

sil: silicone, an illegal substance injected into the hips, breasts and face, usually to make the appearance more feminine.

sir (verb): [slang] To be referred to as male, usually when you don’t want to be: “I got sirred at the store today.”

spill my T: [slang] to have your identity divulged by someone: “Someone I used to work with spilled my T at my new job.”

spook (verb): [slang] to read

stealth: [slang] someone who is accepted as female well enough to live without divulging her trans status.

stent: a medical term for a dilator.

throw shade: to read (as in insult)

titty skittles: estrogen pills taken by trans women

trachea shave or trache shave: a procedure for removing cartilage from the Adam’s apple

trannie: a term used by some TG women to describe other TG women. Often considered offensive if used by a non-TG

tranny: [slang] a term used by some TG women to describe other TG women. Often considered offensive if used by a non-TG

tranny-chaser: [slang] a derogatory term used to describe someone who is attracted to TGs. Also transie-chaser.

transie: a term used by some transgender women to describe other transgender women. Often considered offensive if used by a non-transgender person.

tuck: [slang] to conceal male genitals by tucking them between the legs.

unclockable: [slang] Describes someone who is accepted without question or suspicion in her chosen gender.

woodworking: [slang] another term for stealth

zap: [slang] to get hair removed, esp. with electrolysis.