Transgender liposuction

Liposuction and fat transfer are kinds of body contouring can be chosen as part of a gender transition. This can also be called liposculpture.

In some cases, the fat can then be transferred to another area of the body if desired.

Feminizing liposuction

Procedures for feminizing liposuction include:


  • This can be done to improve the jawline or remove a double chin.


  • This can be done to reduce the circumference of the upper arms.

Stomach and waist

  • This can be done to make the waistline smaller and bring it more in proportion to the hips.

Masculinizing liposuction

Procedures for masculinizing liposuction include:


  • Removing fat from the face, particularly the cheeks, can give a more masculine look.


  • In people with minimal breast tissue, liposuction can be performed, similar to the procedure on cisgender men with gynecomastia.

Hips and buttocks

  • Removing fat from the hips and buttocks can create a more masculine body shape.


  • People with unwanted fat at the thighs (“saddlebags”) may benefit from liposuction in that area.


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