In contrast to the many critics, supporters of Jesse Singal in his biased coverage of trans topics tend to range politically from center-right to fascist and include:

Supporters within the trans community

Erica Anderson is an American psychologist whom Singal has described as one of his favorite clinicians. He frequently promotes her work, and since she is cited in it, it’s possible she was one of the two trans sensitivity readers Singal says reviewed his Atlantic piece prior to publication.

Robyn Kanner is an American marketing executive who sometimes associates with Singal. It’s possible she was one of the two trans sensitivity readers Singal says reviewed his Atlantic piece prior to publication. She also published a response critical of the piece.

Be Scofield is an American activist critical of new religious movements. Scofield considers criticism of Singal to be a “cult-like attack.” In an analogy, Scofield compares Singal to Martin Luther King: “I taught a graduate course on the radical teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. I’m very aware of the extreme measures taken by government and oppositional forces to silence, ruin and derail people and ideas deemed dangerous, or ideologically wrong. Knowing the history of suppression against the left it is mind boggling to see so many progressives cheer it on or sit idly by.”


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D., Sarah (March 23, 2021). ‘This is insane’: Liberal journalist Jesse Singal fires back hard after GLAAD gets in on vicious campaign to smear him as an anti-trans bigot. Twitchy

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