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Corinna Cohn and transgender people

Corinna Cohn is an American software developer who identifies as transsexual and gender critical. Cohn frequently appears in media to share conservative opinions and criticize various aspects of the trans rights movement.

Cohn was an officer in the Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network, an organization which promotes gatekeeping models of care.


Corinna Ariel Cohn was born on June 13, 1975 and transitioned in the 1990s.

Cohn is a software engineer who has worked for Fusion Alliance and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.


In 2018 Cohn was triggered by Twitter’s revised policies that prohibited deadnaming and misgendering trans and gender diverse people. Cohn began making media appearances soon after.

Cohn has appeared in media with an number of gender critical and anti-transgender people, including Benjamin Boyce, Miranda Yardley, Nina Paley, Carey Callahan, Genspect, Call Me Sam, Mars F (Upperhandmars), Stephanie Winn, Gender Dysphoria Alliance, ICONS – Independent Council on Women’s Sports, and Feminist Heretics.

Cohn is a board member of Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network, an activist group involved in the “ex-trans” movement that seeks to reduce options for medical transition.

In 2021 Cohn and fellow gender critical activist Nina Paley began the podcast Heterodorx.

In 2022 Cohn published a regret narrative in the Washington Post, suggesting that minors and young adults considering transition should “slow down.” Cohn has expressed the following regrets:

  • “a lifetime set apart from my peers”
  • “I wasn’t old enough to make that decision”
  • “I have resigned myself to never finding a partner”
  • “became a medical patient and will remain one for the rest of my life”
  • “intercourse never became pleasurable”
  • “I’m still working out how much regret to feel”

Via Media Matters for America:

Cohn, who hosts the podcast Heterodorx, has recently begun to put her anti-trans views into action. In late January, Cohn spoke in front of the Indiana House of Representatives in favor of HB 1041, a legislative effort that Cohn claimed would “strengthen the rights for girls and young women competing in sport” by excluding trans student athletes from competition. In her testimony, Cohn defined herself as “a transsexual,” arguing that her “sex is male, and neither science nor medicine can change that.” In the months since, Cohn has served as an expert and a witness for legislative efforts to restrict gender-affirming care in both Alabama and Ohio

Cohn signed her testimony to the Ohio General Assembly as the secretary and treasurer of Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network. GCCAN was founded in 2019 under the stated mission “to empower recipients of gender transition-related care to become healthy and whole,” but it has rapidly aligned itself with the right-wing campaign against gender-affirming care policies, with Cohn serving as a board member. 


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