The Atlantic

The Atlantic is an American media organization. Their record on fairly covering transgender people is spotty, and they have not had a transgender journalist on staff since 1848.


 Chris Bodenner

    • Why Is the T in LGBT?
    • Will Trans Servicemembers Be as Controversial as the Bathroom Issue?
    • Could the Transgender Debate Lead to Pay Toilets?
    • What Makes a Man or a Woman?
    • What About Transgender Women in Women’s Shelters?
    • Is the ‘Trans Lobby’ Disproportionately Strong?
    • Why Not a Private Restroom for Everyone?
    • ‘Trans Issues Are Not Left/Right’
    • Is the Transgender Movement a Spiritual One?
    • Much Ado About Genitalia
    • Does the Left Have a Smug Problem?

Gillian Branstetter

  • Sketchy Pharmacies Are Selling Hormones to Transgender People (2016)

Garrett Epps

  • How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Against Trans People (2018)

Ashley Fetters

  • How Pediatricians Fail Gender-Nonconforming Kids (2018)

Lori Gottlieb

  • Dear Therapist: I Love My Trans Daughter, but I’m Still Struggling (2020)

Emma Green

  • The Culture War Over ‘Pregnant People’ (2021)

Jenny Hall

  • Coming Out as Transgender Made Me a More Effective CIA Officer (2017)

Andrea James

  • Why Is Elle Fanning Taking a Role From a Transgender Actor? (2014)

Robyn Kanner

I Detransitioned. But Not Because I Wasn’t Trans.

Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

  • The War on Trans Kids Is Totally Unconstitutional (2021)

Thomas Page McBee

  • Why Is the Media So Worried About the Parents of Trans Kids? (2018)

Tey Meadow

  • The Loaded Language Shaping the Trans Conversation (2018)

Jesse Singal

  • When a Child Says She’s Trans (2018)
    • Editors took the unprecedented step of publishing a series of responses (Kanner, McBee, Meadow, Urquhart)

Matt Thompson

  • How to Spark Panic and Confusion in Three Tweets (2019)

Bryony White

  • The Link Between Autism and Trans Identity (2016)

Evan Urquhart

  • My Parents Still Struggle to Know Me After I Transitioned Late (2018)

Ed Yong

  • Young Trans Children Know Who They Are (2019)
  • The Transgender Scientist Who Changed How We See the Brain (2018)


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