Facial Feminization Procedures

Generally speaking, bony work will have a far more dramatic effect on face shape, which is necessary in some cases in order to be accepted as female. Men and women have basic differences in skull shapes, and if you have a skull shape outside of female range, it might make being accepted as female more difficult.

Soft tissue work can be enough for some women to be accepted as female. Soft tissue work may be necessary to get the full result of bony work for some women. In general soft tissue work will smooth and tighten areas, making you look younger and by extension more feminine. There are masculine and feminine aging patterns, and getting rid of certain soft tissue traits can make a significant difference in your ability to be accepted as female.

Procedures available



Jaw and chin




Facial implants


Skin resurfacing

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Procedures available

Information and recommendations

  • Complications
  • Choosing a surgeon
  • Costs
  • Opinions on facial surgery (pros and cons)
  • Letter to HBIGDA on medical necessity of FFS
  • FFS and insurance submission

My experiences with Douglas Ousterhout

  • Dr. Ousterhout and Cocoon Guest House:
  • Frequently-asked questions
  • My surgical journal: forehead/trachea
  • My surgical journal: jaw/nose
  • My surgical journal: my chin revision
  • Other patient experiences with FFS and/or Douglas Ousterhout
  • Appendix: Metro hotel

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