Transgender voice practice

I recommend avoiding expensive and risky voice surgery. If you are considering surgery, meet a couple of people in person who have had it. That should change your mind. Surgery should only be used as a last resort.

Recommended free resources

Some people can improve their voices on their own by reading and watching free online information.

I’ve expanded my free original voice materials at the link below:

It includes instructions on using a spectrogram program to assist with your practice.

You can see additional clips on our YouTube channel:

Voice consultations

Some people find it helpful to have a session with a voice coach. This can help them find their voice, which can be hard to judge on your own.

I offer voice consultations via videoconferencing or phone:

Details at

Zheanna from has an outstanding series of videos on voice techniques:


Voice and Communication Therapy for the Transgender/Transsexual Client


GenderLife (

Transgender Voice Lessons (