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Aaron Terrell and transgender people

Aaron Terrell is a conservative American transgender activist opposed to US medical consensus on care for gender diverse youth.

Terrell is affiliated with the website Gender Dysphoria Alliance and co-hosts the Transparency podcast.


Terrell was born in ~1984 and grew up in a conservative Evangelical Christian environment.

Terrell self-identifies as having a controversial disease called “autoandrophilia”: “I found gay men most attractive, and fantasized about being one.” Terrell transitioned in ~2011 and lives in the Pacific Northwest.


In 2021 Terrell was reportedly radicalized by J.K. Rowling.

Terrell co-founded the Gender Dysphoria Alliance website in 2020.


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Benjamin Boyce (October 27, 2021) Being A Woman Being A Man | A Transitioner’s Tale, with Aaron Terrell.

Benjamin Boyce (May 27, 2023). Fatal Flaws in “Gender Affirming” Care | with Eliza Mondegreen & Aaron Terrell.


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