Texas transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in Texas and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:


Crane Center for Transgender Surgery (cranects.com)

  • Richard Santucci
  • Ashley DeLeon

International Center for Transgender Care (thetranscenter.com)

  • Peter Raphael
  • Scott W. Harris
  • Alan Dulin
  • Alfred R. Antonetti


Arlington Plastic Surgery (atranmd.com)

  • Anthony Tran


Elysian Plastic Surgery (elysianplasticsurgery.com)

  • David Dellinger

Saxon MD (saxonmd.com)

  • Sarah Saxon

Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center (hallplasticsurgery.com)

  • Jeffrey Hall


Genecov Plastic Surgery Group (genecovplasticsurgery.com)

  • David G. Genecov

Amirlak Plastic Surgery (amirlakplasticsurgery.com)

  • Bardia Amirlak

The Craniofacial Center (thecraniofacialcenter.com)

  • Jeffrey A. Fearon

Kenneth E. Salyer (kennethesalyermd.com)

El Paso

Marco A. Gonzalez (plasticsurgeryelpaso.net)

Frank Agullo (agulloplasticsurgery.com)


Dr. Rednam (drrukminirednam.com)

  • Rukmini “Vinaya” Rednam

Memorial Plastic Surgery (memorialplasticsurgery.com)

  • Patrick W. Hsu
  • Kendall R. Roehl

Dr. Angela Sturm (drangelasturm.com)

Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center (cosmeticsurgeryhouston.com)

  • Michael Eisemann
  • Bradley Eisemann

Philip Yosowitz (yosowitz.com)

Baylor College of Medicine (bcm.edu)

  • Larry H. Hollier, Jr.

Yarish Plastic Surgery (yarishmd.com)

  • Scott Yarish


Renaissance Plastic Surgery (renaissanceplasticsurgerytx.com)

  • Jeff Angobaldo

San Antonio

Constance M. Barone (baroneplasticsurgery.com)

Lawton Plastic Surgery (plasticsurgery-sanantonio.com)

  • Gary Lawton


Nufemme (nufemme.com)

  • Michele Blackwell

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