The Washington Post and transgender people

The Washington Post is an American media organization. It is considered a paper of record for the United States, along with The New York Times.

Washington Post has covered trans issues with several important initiatives, including the 2023 KFF/The Washington Post Trans Survey.


  • Sally Buzbee, Executive Editor
  • Krissah Thompson, Managing Editor
  • Justin Bank, Managing Editor
  • Barbara Vobejda, Managing Editor
  • Monica Norton, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Mark W. Smith, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Scott Vance, Deputy Managing Editor
  • Liz Seymour, Deputy Managing Editor (Newsroom operations, standards and planning)
  • Ann Gerhart, Senior Visual Enterprise Editor
  • Erika Allen, Head of Audience Strategy and Growth
  • Coleen O’Lear, Head of Curation and Platforms
  • Carla Broyles, Senior Career Development Editor
  • Sommer Mathis, Senior Recruiting Editor
  • Terrell Mizell, Senior Recruiting Consultant
  • Matea Gold, National Editor
  • Phil Rucker, Deputy National Editor
  • Douglas Jehl, Foreign Editor
  • Jennifer Amur, Deputy Foreign Editor
  • Mike Semel, Local Editor
  • Maria Glod, Deputy Local Editor
  • Ben Williams, Features Editor
  • Hank Stuever, Deputy Features Editor
  • Tara Parker-Pope, Wellness Editor
  • Anjuman Ali, Deputy Wellness Editor
  • Lori Montgomery, Business Editor
  • Damian Paletta, Deputy Business Editor
  • Christina Passariello, Deputy Business Editor
  • Jeff Leen, Investigations Editor
  • David Fallis, Deputy Investigations Editor
  • Eric Rich, Deputy Investigations Editor
  • Jason Murray, Sports Editor
  • Matthew Rennie, Deputy Sports Editor
  • Zachary Goldfarb, Climate and Environment Editor
  • Juliet Eilperin, Deputy Climate and Environment Editor
  • Meghan Hoyer, Data Reporting Director
  • Anu Narayanswamy, Deputy Data Editor
  • Micah Gelman, Director of Editorial Video
  • David Bruns, Executive Producer
  • Lauren Saks, Executive Producer
  • MaryAnne Golon, Photography Director
  • Robert Miller, Deputy Photography Director
  • Dudley Brooks, Deputy Photography Director
  • Sandra Stevenson, Deputy Photography Director
  • Courtney Rukan, Multiplatform Editing Chief
  • Brian Cleveland, Deputy Multiplatform Editor
  • Nora Simon, Deputy News Service Editor
  • Kenisha Malcolm, Curation Desk Editor
  • Anne Bartlett, Live Editing Chief
  • Charity Brown, Deputy Newsroom Product Director
  • Keith McMillan, General Assignment Editor
  • Herman Wong, Deputy General Assignment Editor



“The Washington Post’s credibility fared relatively well in 2022, with a survey revealing that 48 percent of respondents believed the publication to be very or somewhat credible. The Washington Post’s credibility rating was slightly lower than that of The New York Times, and the paper also lost out to The Wall Street Journal in this regard.”

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Ad Fontes Media rates Washington Post in the Skews Left category of bias and as Generally Reliable/Analysis OR Other Issues in terms of reliability. 

  • Reliability: 38.15
  • Bias: -8.75

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  • as of 1 January 2020


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