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Pique Resilience Project vs. transgender people

The Pique Resilience Project (PRP) is an “ex-transgender” organization created by four ex-trans activists:

  • Chiara Caignon-Lewis (no medical transition steps)
  • Jesse Hinty (hormones as an adult for about 1 year, no surgical steps)
  • Helena Kerschner (hormones as an adult for about 1.5 years, no surgical steps)
  • Dagny Walton (hormones “six months before turning 18” for about 2 years, no surgical steps)

Members of the group have spoken at anti-transgender events and maintain a website. Members also traveled to Washington, DC to lobby lawmakers and had a meeting with a member of the APA.

Group members have appeared on anti-trans and conservative media outlets, including interviews with Tucker Carlson, Benjamin Boyce, Alex Kaschuta, Keri Smith, Gender Dysphoria Alliance, Tim Pool, The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, Jennifer Lahl, Michael Laidlaw, Colin Wright, Preston Sprinkle, Carole Hooven, Rod Dreher, Michael Knowles, and Ben Shapiro.

Members have also testified against trans-supportive legislation in addition to working behind the scenes with Denise Caignon, owner of anti-trans site 4thWaveNow and parent of Chiara Caignon-Lewis.

The group disbanded in 2020 after Hinty and Kerschner ended their long-term romantic relationship.


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