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Alice Dreger vs. transgender people

Alice Dreger is an American historian and anti-transgender activist best known for exploiting minorities:

  • conjoined twins
  • little people
  • sex and gender minorities

Dreger is also known for disease mongering:

  • for people with differences of sex development
  • for sexual minorities
  • for gender diverse children (i.e., “The Big Problem With Outlawing Gender Conversion Therapies”)
  • for transgender and gender diverse adults
  • for people in the kink community (i.e. Fetishes I Don’t Get)

Dreger’s anti-trans activism includes:

Dreger has been involved in a number of other controversies, including:

  • appearing on “TV exploitation gigs” as an expert who exploits minorities
  • sustained attacks on pediatrician Maria New via the site [archive] and the book Galileo’s Middle Finger
  • local news site East Lansing Info
    • sustained attacks on local leaders and businesses
    • installing election denier Anne Hill as interim Executive Director
  • Writing a second work of fiction following the success of the first, Galileo’s Middle Finger, this time under the name Molly Macallen, titled The Index Case

Dreger was one of the first members named to the Intellectual Dark Web, described as a “gateway to the far right.” Dreger has tried to disavow the group since 2018, rebranding as an “academic freedom” crusader. Dreger has gone on to get money and attention by claiming to be oppressed or silenced by the minorities that Dreger exploits. Biologist Julia Serano describes this tactic as the “Dregerian narrative.” Dreger’s tactics are described by social scientists as DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender).

The “academic freedom” marketing ploy is a grift in Dreger’s case. Dreger does everything possible to shut down criticism at academic events. Dreger tried and failed to stop me from speaking at Northwestern University in 2006, which led to a multi-year obsession with me. Then Dreger tried and failed to shut down an entire 2008 panel at the National Women’s Studies Association conference. That panel was about Dreger’s earlier attempts to impinge on our academic freedom.

Below is my exposĂ© on Kenneth Zucker, the reparative therapist of gender diverse children who published Dreger’s defense of J. Michael Bailey. That defense was later republished in Galileo’s Middle Finger, but without Dreger’s unsupportable claims clearing Bailey of fabricating the Danny Ryan case report. Zucker was fired a few months after this exposĂ©.

In 2019, the town where Dreger lives outlawed the anti-transgender “therapy” that Dreger and Zucker support.

Sexology’s war on transgender children (2015)

In this section

Alice Dreger biography: timeline to transphobia

Alice Dreger vs. people with differences of sex development

Alice Dreger’s attacks on academic freedom

Alice Dreger defends J. Michael Bailey on KQED

Galileo’s Middle Finger


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International responses to Dreger’s rumor-mongering (e.g. Siedlberg 2006, O’Brien 2006, LaramĂ©e 2006, Guillot 2006, Lamarre 2006, Nagant 2006, Baechler 2006) suggest that her attempt to blame me for this controversy is being ignored. Dreger’s attempts to push her promotional materials and “consensus statements” about DSD are going to be challenged by farsighted activists who are finally speaking for themselves.

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Media by Dreger

Exploitation of people with differences of sex development

Alice Dreger, Hermaphrodite Monger (September 27, 1994). unsubscribing. bionet.women-in-bio

Little people exploitation

Dreger A (March 25, 2008). Lavish dwarf entertainment. The Hastings Center

At the time, I was writing a book about conjoined twins and had decided to open with amusing bar stories from people born with body types that mess with ideas of normal.

Conjoined twin exploitation

Dreger AD (May 26, 2011). Dr. Oz Can’t Afford Me: Why I’m through hawking conjoined twins on daytime TV. Fetishes I Don’t Get.


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