Transsexual news resources

This page is a repository of trans news resources available online since the mid-1990s and includes actively updated transgender news resources and archives.


These resources allow reader submissions and commenting. See also the transgender forum list for more interactive options.

GenderLife Transsexual News Exchange

Open-source content management system allows user submissions and comments, an extension of GenderLife Forum dating to 2002.

Yahoo Groups: Transgendernews

This user-submitted list dating to 2002 allows user submissions and comments.


Hand-selected news items presented by a primary editor.

Press For Change: In The News

PFC's In The News archive began prior to 1996, with a United Kingdom emphasis.


Press for Change: Mailing List Archive

PFC's Mailing List Archive is organized by quarter from mid 1997, with a United Kingdom emphasis.

Trans News Updates

Lynn Conway’s regularly updated archive dates to 2005, with a transsexual emphasis.

Transgender News Watch (news for 2007)

Donna Rose’s selected news feed contain recent stories and is not archived.

transgender News

A daily update from Laura’s Playground.

Gendercrash: Transgender News

GunnerButchDBoy’s archive dates to 2004, though activity dropped sharply in February 2007. Allows comments.

Historical news archives (no longer updated)

GenderTalk GenderNews archive

Covers selected stories from 1995-1997.

Gender Advocacy Internet News

Penni Ashe Matz was editor of the GAIN newsletter during the late 1990s. The archived version reflects an interruption in the service when she died of cancer in March 2001. Penni was posthumously awarded a 2001 IFGE Trinity Award. The service was continued through 2002 by Kim Carver and Gwyneth Rhian Morgan.


National Transgender Advocacy Coalition. Covers the period of 2000-2001.


Jenelle Rose's subscription-only newsletter covers period of 2002-2006.

Automated feeds

Google News

A searchable automated feed.

Google News Archive search

Great for historical research, though many results will be subscription only beyond a free summary of the article.

TransGenderCare Headlines

Has an automated newsfeed for keywords “transgender” and “transsexual.”

TG Guide

Another automated feed.

Transgender World News Stories

Automated feed sorted by three keywords on TransgenderZone.


Wider LGBT news, searchable and dating to 1996.

Other useful news sources

Transray (

A searchable database of articles on gender variance, with an academic focus.

GenderTalk (

A weekly radio show featuring in-depth gender-related interviews that ran from 1997-2006.

Transgender forum list

Available on this site.