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alice dreger

Alice Domurat Dreger

Alice Dreger is a Northwestern University professor noted for proposing that intersex traits be renamed DSD, for "disorders of sex development." In 2007, Dreger released a paper about the controversy surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, a 2003 book written by her coworker J. Michael Bailey.

Dreger's paper is scheduled to appear in Archives of Sexual Behavior, a sexology journal where Bailey serves on the editorial board. Dreger interviews or cites over a dozen other editorial board members in the paper, including Editor-In-Chief Ken Zucker. Zucker is best known for his reparative therapy techniques to "cure" GID, for "gender identity disorder," in gender-variant children. Bailey's book relies heavily on theories and practices developed at Zucker's employer, the CAMH Clarke Institute in Toronto.

I am a vocal critic of Bailey and his book, and Dreger takes issue with my tone and tactics. She unsuccessfully tried to suppress a 2006 speech I was invited to give at her school, and she twice tried to get me fired. Her desire to discredit me is further motivated by my criticism of GID and her DSD concept. After 18 months of Dreger's escalating public attacks and distortion of my words and actions, I make my first public response below.

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Alice Dreger: Timeline of her personal feud with me

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