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Transgender-friendly clothing retailers

Want to look stylish and support transgender clothing and accessory companies that support trans people? Check out the retailers below!

General suggestions

Vintage stores

  • These are often small stores, usually curated by the owner.

Thrift stores

  • Second-hand stores tend to have a lot of cheap stuff. You may find something great if you take the time. Note that some may be part of a religious group that is not trans-friendly.

Consignment shops

  • These are like fancy second-hand stores. People bring in old clothes to sell on consignment, where they get a cut if someone buys their item. Good for higher-end fashions.

Online retailers and shops

Large online sales platforms often have new and used clothing and include

T-shirts and casual clothes

dfrntpigeon (

  • T-shirts, tanks, bodysuits, streetwear, accessories

Bianca Designs (

Etsy shops (

Mi Vida (

  • Latin@-focused tees and accessories

Thugz Maison (

“Feminine” focused

Rubies (

  • Form-fitting clothing for active trans girls and women.

Archie Bongiovanni (

  • Tees, tanks, sweatshirts

En Femme Style (

  • Clothes, foundation garments, wigs, accessories

“Masculine” focused

Kirrin Finch (

  • Dress shirts, blazers, shoes, accessories

Wildfang (

  • Blazers, button-up shirts, pants, outerwear

gc2b (

  • Binders

Peau De Loup (

  • Shirts, sweaters, tees, jackets, coats, ties

HauteButch (

Gender-neutral focused

Origami Customs (

  • Customized and handmade swimwear, lingerie, and more for folks of all genders

TomboyX (

  • Underwear and loungewear

The Phluid Project (

  • Tees, hoodies, shoes, denim, accessories

Magic Hour Candles (

Urbody (

  • Base layers for bodies beyond the binary

General resources

Gender-based image consultants

For women and transfeminine people

Tall and plus-sized women’s clothing

Shapewear: padded bras, panties, waist cinchers, etc.

Hair prosthetics, hair systems, and wigs

Breast prosthetics

Genital prosthetics

For men and transmasculine people

Chest binders and compression garments

Specialty briefs and boxers

Genital prosthetics


  • Revel and Riot (
  • Trans Is Beautiful (
  • Softfemme (
  • Otherwild (
  • Etsy shops (
    • BetweenLinesClothing [offline as of 2021]
    • FtMDetroit [“taking a short break” as of 2022]
    • BiancaDesignsCo [“Hi there, My Etsy Shop will be closed for some time — you can still purchase pins & things on and/or follow me on Instagram @biancadesigns for updates!”]
    • MagicHourAstrology [“Please visit our official new website and web shop at We are navigating off of Etsy due to fee increases and lack of solidarity with makers.”]