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Facial feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) comprises surgical options some transgender women and transfeminine people undergo as part of a gender transition.

The procedures are also sought out by other sex and gender minorities, as well as cisgender women who wish to make their faces more feminine. I recommend that non-transgender people consider a surgeon who performs transgender facial surgeries because of their specialized expertise.

I had facial feminization surgery in 1996, and it remains the best investment I have ever made. Period.


For those who wish to be treated as feminine in day-to-day situations, I recommend focusing on the neck up. That means hair removalvoice, and face are vital to a smoother transition.

Generally speaking, bony work will have a far more dramatic effect on face shape. Skull shapes come in a wide range from masculine to feminine, and if you have a skull shape outside of feminine range, bony work might make acceptance more frequent.

Soft tissue work can be enough for some people. Soft tissue work may be necessary to get the full result of bony work in some cases. In general, soft tissue work will smooth and tighten areas, making you look younger and by extension more feminine. There are masculine and feminine aging patterns, and getting rid of certain soft tissue traits can make a difference.

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