Customizing your transition timetable

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Rushing into living full-time is probably the greatest cause of potential unhappiness in transition. Most of us want to do it quickly, but you have to be realistic. I believe the more preparation you make for living full-time, the more likely you'll have a smooth transition. Those who want to be accepted as female by others have to be adjusted to their new role mentally, physically, and financially.

Transition will probably take several years. Generally speaking, young people go full-time sooner, but take longer to get finished (usually due to money issues). Older women usually take more time getting ready to go full-time, then get everything else done more quickly.

The focus should be going full-time

I recommend thinking of transition in three stages:

1. going full-time

2. getting done with all the physical things

3. adjusting to your new role

You should make going full-time your primary goal. I also recommend finishing as many physical things as possible before going full-time. It's sad, but your physical presentation will have an enormous effect on the level of acceptance you'll have.

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