Orchiectomy links and overviews

Below are selected online resources and overviews about orchiectomy.

Clink links in this sentence for treatment of prostate cancer and testicular cancer in non-trans patients.

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Note: many links below contain graphic images.

LINK: Orchidectomy as a first stage towards gender reassignment: A positive option by Russell Reid (1996)

A nice published study by a psychiatrist which follows 14 orchiectomy patients.

LINK: Castration by Sherry Joanne (1999 through 2003)

By far the most comprehensive resource, written by a woman with first-hand experience. Pages include:

LINK: Orchiectomy for transsexuals by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Changing legal documents after orchiectomy? by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Orchiectomy OK before SRS? by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Castration surgeons by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Castration resources by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Castration effects by Sherry Joanne

LINK: The why of castration by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Is castration right for me? by Sherry Joanne

LINK: Bilateral Orchidectomy by Over The Rainbow, Australia

LINK: Orchidectomy for the transsexual woman by Annie Richards

LINK: Bilateral Orchiectomy by Looking Glass Society (1998)

LINK: Orchiectomy by Caitlin H. (a revision of the Looking Glass materials)

LINK: Orchiectomy by Surgery Encyclopedia

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