Oregon transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in Oregon and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:


Kaiser Permanente (healthy.kaiserpermanente.org)

  • Sunnybrook Medical Office
  • Patricia H. Sandholm


Women’s Care (womenscare.com)

  • Douglas Austin

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Plastic Surgery (lakeoswegoplasticsurgery.com)

  • Tuan Nguyen


Jens Berli (facebook.com/genderconfirmationsurgery)

Oregon Cosmetic & Reconstructive Clinic (theocrc.com)

  • Tina Jenq

Legacy Health (legacyhealth.org)

  • Megan Bird
  • Jason Carr
  • Mark Gelfand
  • Shane C. Kim
  • Christine Li
  • Hema Thakar

The Oregon Clinic (oregonclinic.com)

  • Phillipa Ribbink
  • Samuel Bartholomew
  • Clifford Canepa
  • Sean McNally
  • Hetal Fichadia
  • Bruce Webber

OHSU (ohsu.edu)

  • Lishiana Shaffer
  • Juliana Hansen
  • Daniel Dugi

Northwest Urology (nwurology.com)

  • Sara Spettel

James P. Thomas (voicedoctor.net)

Matthew Lewis (matthewlewisplasticsurgery.com)

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