Ohio transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in Ohio and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:


Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons (crystalplasticsurgeons.com)

  • A. Lawrence Cervino
  • Douglas S. Wagner
  • Gary A. Pennington
  • Michael G. Parker
  • Shayda Mirhaidari
  • Derek Cody
  • Lewis A. Diulus III


Daniel Medalie (clevelandplasticsurgery.com)


UC Health (uchealth.com)

  • Ryan M. Gobble


Totonchi Plastic Surgery (drtotonchi.com)

  • Ali Totonchi

The MetroHealth System (metrohealth.org)

  • Robert Pollard

The Cleveland Clinic (my.clevelandclinic.org)

  • Raymond Isakov
  • Cecile Ferrando
  • James E. Zins
  • Francis A. Papay

Pandrangi Plastic Surgery (pandrangiplasticsurgery.com)

  • Vasu Pandrangi


Reconstructive Surgical Arts (rsa-docs.com)

  • Christopher D. McClung
  • formerly at cmreconstructiveurology.com

The Plastic Surgery Group (theplasticsurgerygroup.com)

  • Steven L. Robinson
  • Michael G. Leadbetter
  • Richard B. Williams
  • Michael J. Columbus
  • Robert P. Hummel
  • Ryan M. Wilson
  • Shahryar Tork

Dr Evans Facial Aesthetic (evansddsmd.com)

  • T. William “Bill” Evans

Complete Healthcare for Women (drsamuel.org)

  • Mervyn J. Samuel

OhioHealth Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons (ohiohealthplasticreconstructivesurgeons.com)

  • William Abouhassan
  • Joseph Minarchek
  • Mark D. Wells


Stratus Plastic Surgery (stratusplasticsurgery.com)

  • Haruko Okada


Bahman Guyuron (drbahmanguyuron.com)

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