North Carolina transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in North Carolina and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:


Capizzi, M.D. (

  • Peter J. Capizzi


  • David C. Matthews

NovantHealth (

  • Calabretta Cosmetic Surgery Center
  • Arthur Calabretta

The Cosmetic Concierge (

  • Hope Sherie


Kristen Marie Rezak (

High Point

Wake Forest Baptist Health (

  • William Walter Crone
  • Elisa Stein


Beck Aesthetic Surgery (

  • Joel Beck


Keelee MacPhee (

Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery (

  • Glenn Davis
  • Jeremy Pyle
  • Michelle Roughton


Forsyth Plastic Surgery (

  • Andrew M. Schneider
  • John A. Fagg
  • Gilson J. Kingman
  • George A. Lawson, III
  • Leslie G. Branch

Wake Forest Baptist Health Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (

  • Lisa Renee David
  • Anthony J. DeFranzo, Jr.
  • Malcolm W. Marks
  • Joseph A. Molnar
  • James T. Thompson
  • Ivo A. Pestana
  • Louis C. Argenta

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