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Chris Brand vs. transgender people

Chris Brand was a British evolutionary psychologist best known for being involved in the modern eugenics movement. Brand was a frequent J. Michael Bailey supporter and a member of the Human Biodiversity Institute mailing list.


Christopher Richard Brand was born June 1, 1943 in Preston, England.

Brand taught at Edinburgh University from 1970–1997. In 1996 Brand published the book The g Factor, claiming that general intelligence correlates with life outcomes. Brand claimed people of African descent had lower general intelligence as a group, which affected their success.

Brand was fired following an investigation into his 1996 comments about age of consent following child molestation charges brought against medical researcher Daniel Carleton Gajdusek. Brand’s firing became a rallying cry for “academic freedom” extremists.

Brand had three children and married spouse number three in 2001. Brand died May 28, 2017.

Comments on trans issues

Here’s what Brand had to say in 2003 when trans people began criticizing J. Michael Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be Queen:


A book-burning witch-hunt began against psychologist J. Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University, near Chicago, who claimed from his research that some transsexuals are homosexuals, thus apparently managing to annoy representatives‚ of both these hyper-sensitive groups at the same time. Fortunately, Chronicles of Higher Education (20 vi) gave Bailey, a Texan nerd‚, a friendly write up, saying he had plenty of transsexual/friends, did a good job on the dance floor and bought a round of drinks, so there was a possibility that he and his book, The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, might survive.

See also the Chris Brand information on Lynn Conway’s site, which Brand responded to thus:

HUMAN BIODIVERSITY GROUP (HBDG) ‘NAMED AND SHAMED’  Opponents of J. Michael Bailey, the Texan sexologist (who has ‘controversially’ suggested that some transsexuals are actually homosexuals), managed to discover the names on Steve Sailer’s private list of experts (and gifted amateurs….) on the subject of ‘human biodiversity’ i.e. racial differences. They set up a website to denounce selected and possible HBDG members:

  • Andrews, Lewis R. (“promotes an array of neoconservative (mostly racist) theories”) {Normally called Louis Andrews}
  • Bailey, Michael (“under investigation here {i.e. by transsexuals} regarding his HBDG affiliations”)
  • Brand, Chris (“infamous ‘scientific racist’”)
  • Brimelow, Peter (“prominent and active member and contributor to {anti-immigration} VDARE)
  • Burr, Chandler (believes “biological cause of male homosexuality as a “defect in development””)
  • Buss, David M.(has “notions of rigidly bi-polar genders in humans”)
  • Cochran, Gregory M. (actually environmentalistic but “highly extolled for his racial-genetic-profiling science and homosexual-causation-science by various neoconservative and far-right groups, such as the British National Party”)
  • Derbyshire, John (“virulently homophobic”)
  • Entine, Jon (“condescending toward Asians, like a comical stereotype, and believe[s] blacks are uncivilized animals who are mentally inferior and only suitable for athletics”)
  • Hausman, Patricia (“part of a neoconservative organization that makes a special point of trashing trans women”)
  • Miller, Edward M. (“made strongly racist “scientific” statements in 1996 about the intelligence of black people”)
  • Murray, Charles (“widely perceived as racist by most moderate people”)
  • Pinker, Steven (“biology-is-destiny theory”….“active participant in the Baileyan defamation of transsexual women”….“Could he be a Fourattist-type gay man?…”)
  • Pitchford, Ian (actually a keen leftist but called “another of the HBDG’ers known to have supported Bailey”)
  • Rushton, J.P. (“misrepresented the entire evolutionary theory simply for the shock value”)
  • Sailer, Steve (“has long exploited the works of racial-profiling scientists and pundits such as Brand, Cochran, Entine, Miller, Murray, Rushton, etc., to justify his positions”….”one of a handful of extreme “scientific racists”, affiliated with and often paid by extreme right-wing groups like VDare”)
  • Seligman, Dan (“promoting HBDG’s vain hope that Bailey could somehow be anointed as the national expert on homosexuality and transsexualism”)

What a wonderful display of leftists’ willingness to caricature scholarly opponents! And such hypersensitive leftists have the temerity to complain I jest about them as ANTI-HOMOPHOBISTS AND ASSORTED FAGGOTS! (Of course, it was a pity that members of the HBDG list did not all plainly announce their scientific racism / race realism seven years ago when they might collectively have made a mark and defended me in Edinburgh. Sadly, still in 2003, the world’s only declared academic race realists (Glayde Whitney having sadly died) were Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn and myself. The unwillingness of race realists to pull together reflected the non-emergence of national neoliberealism or any comparable liberty-respecting realism with which academics could be happy.

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