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Human Biodiversity Institute vs. transgender people

The Human Biodiversity Institute was a project by conservative writer and anti-transgender activist Steve Sailer. When J. Michael Bailey published the anti-transgender book The Man Who Would Be Queen in 2003, Sailer’s Human Biodiversity Institute member list was an important piece of evidence connecting Bailey and like-minded sexologists to the modern eugenics movement. Among the Human Biodiversity Institute members giving early promotion to Bailey’s book were:


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Human Biodiversity Institute ( [archive]

Steve Sailer ( [archive]

Steve Sailer ( [archive]

Full list as of 1999:

  • Louis R. Andrews
  • Rosalind Arden
  • George Armelagos
  • Michael Bailey
  • Doug Bandow
  • Jennifer Beamish
  • Gary Becker
  • Ray Blanchard
  • Howard L. Bloom
  • George Borjas
  • Chris Brand
  • Peter Brimelow
  • Amby Burfoot
  • Chandler Burr
  • David M. Buss
  • William Calvin
  • Gregory M. Cochran
  • Daniel C. Dennett
  • John Derbyshire
  • Lee Ellis
  • Jon Entine
  • James Fallows
  • Tom Farrey
  • Peter Frost
  • Francis Fukuyama
  • David Gelernter
  • James Guest
  • William D. Hamilton
  • Henry Harpending
  • Lawrence Harrison
  • Natasha Hassan
  • Patti Hausman
  • James J. Heckman
  • Anthony Hilton
  • Ken Hirsch
  • Ralph L. Holloway
  • Arthur Hu
  • Carol Iannone
  • Ken Jacobs
  • Marek Kohn
  • Paul Krugman
  • Hugo Kugiya
  • Steven E. Landsburg
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez
  • Kevin MacDonald
  • Kate MacKay
  • John H. Manners
  • Jonathan Marks
  • William C. Martin
  • John McCarthy
  • Frank Miele
  • Ed Miller
  • John J. Miller
  • Charles Murray
  • Tim Noakes
  • Helmuth Nyborg
  • Walter Olson
  • John O’Sullivan
  • Steven Pinker
  • Ian Pitchford
  • Daniel D. Polsby
  • Virginia Postrel
  • John Relethford
  • Richard W. Rodgerson
  • David Rowe
  • J.P. Rushton
  • Steve Sailer
  • Frank Salter
  • Vincent Sarich
  • Dan Seligman
  • Jeremy G. Taylor
  • Steven D. Tripp
  • Ron K. Unz
  • Pierre Van den Berghe
  • Ben J. Wattenberg
  • Glayde Whitney