Organizations for Transgender People

National transgender organizations have done some really great work in improving conditions for transsexuals. On the other hand, there has been a lot of really sickening infighting and acrimony among the major groups. I suppose this is common when a community is finding its voice, but it can get very unproductive.

In addition, many organizations are founded and primarily run by one person, who eventually moves on. Usually this means the group itself severely curtails or even stops operations once the founder leaves.

Generally speaking, local groups are going to be more active and more in tune with the specific issues and resources in your area.

At this site, I try to concentrate on consumer and personal issues that affect all of us individually, and I leave the political issues to other sites.

You can be political and closeted!

Finally, while I hope you will get involved in helping the community, I know a lot of trans people either don't want to or can't get involved in public activism because they are not out. You can help anonymously by writing up your personal experiences and advice for others. If you have benefited from information others have shared, and you're grateful they did, I urge you to add to our collective wisdom!

National Center for Transgender Equality

A US-based group designed to keep a permament presence in our capitol.

Transgender Law Center

Excellent legal resources.

Transgender Law and Policy Institute

Excellent legal resources.

International Foundation for Gender Education

The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), founded in 1987, is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity.They have significantly scaled back activities in recent years.

Gender Education & Advocacy

This is an umbrella organization with two divisions and several collections of news and resources:

A free list of resources by state


AEGIS (American Educational Gender Information Service) was quite active through 1997, when lack of funds and the end of founder Dallas Denny's day-to-day presence forced the group to downsize considerably.

Transgender at Work

This is a grassroots civil rights group seeking to secure and protect the rights of all transgender persons.

Remembering Our Dead

This important website is dedicated to preserving the memory of those who were victims of transgender violence, hate, or prejudice.

Other GEA information resources include:

  • Child Custody
  • ITA Employment Policy
  • Medicaid
  • Popular Surgeons For MTF SRS
  • Gender Programs
  • Information Clearinghouses
  • TS/TG Teachers
  • Employment
  • Employment Resources

Press for Change

This UK-based group has been very prominent in recent years.

LINK: Christine Burns and Stephen Whittle receive UK honors for work on gender issues

LINK: Press for Change mailing list archive

LINK: Echoes of a Bygone Age Christine Burns' take on Charing Cross

The Task Force

This US-based group has written several great white papers on trans-related issues.