Human Biodiversity Institute

The Human Biodiversity Institute is a conservative-run eugenics thinktank headed by Steve Sailer. According to Sailer, "The Human Biodiversity Institute promotes the study of biological differences among humans and their impact on society. Major areas of interest include race, sex, and sexual orientation."

According to Sailer, The Human Biodiversity Institute was founded in 1999. He claims "501(c)3 tax-exempt status as an educational and scientific not-for-profit organization is being applied for... The Institute sponsors the strikingly successful Human Biodiversity email discussion group, which consists of a small (limited to 100 members), elite, and eclectic mix of experts from across the scientific, intellectual, and political spectrums who civilly discuss the implications of human biodiversity (i.e., differences in race, sex, sexual orientation, etc.).

During an investigation into J. Michael Bailey, a eugenicist and former Chair of the Psychology Department at of Northwestern Univeristy, a pattern emerged where almost every positive review of his 2003 book The Man Who Would Be Queen was a member of this group.

Connection to Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence

Sailer's Roster of Human Biodiversity Discussion Group links many of the usual suspects back to before Bailey had published his materials online. Among members who specifically praised Bailey's book in the media:

Please note that many of the people listed as group members reject the ideology espoused by Sailer and other members.


Roster of Human Biodiversity Discussion Group Members
as of 7/20/99 Maintained by Steve Sailer
H-Bd Member Background Email Address Member Books I'm familiar with URL  status Member  Since  Mode Country Public Contributor
Andrews, Louis R. Stalking Wild Taboo website Andrews active Andrews 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Arden, Rosalind Journalist, TV producer Arden Upcoming book on intelligence active Arden 3/4/99 e-mail UK Yes
Armelagos, George Bio Anthropologist, Emory Armelagos bouncing Armelagos 3/19/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Bailey, Michael Psychologist, Northwestern Bailey active Bailey 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Bandow, Doug Senior Fellow, Cato Institute Bandow active Bandow 6/9/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Beamish, Jennifer TV Documentary Producer Beamish Upcoming h-bd documentary active Beamish 7/1/99 e-mail UK Not yet
Becker, Gary Nobel Laureate Economist, U. of Chicago Becker "Economics of Discrimination" active Becker 4/19/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Blanchard, Ray Head of Clinical Sexology Program, Clarke U. Blanchard active Blanchard 3/4/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Bloom, Howard L. Paleopsychologist Bloom "Global Brain" active Bloom 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Borjas, George Economist, Harvard Borjas "Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy" active Borjas 5/7/99 e-mail USA Yes
Brand, Chris Silver-service waiter, psychologist, ex-Edinbrough U. Brand "The g Factor" - depublished active Brand 3/4/99 e-mail UK Yes
Brimelow, Peter Columnist, Forbes Magazine Brimelow "Alien Nation" active Brimelow 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Burfoot, Amby Editor, Runners' World mag. Burfoot "White Men Can't Run" active Burfoot 3/4/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Burr, Chandler Science writer, The Atlantic Burr "A Separate Creation" active Burr 3/19/99 e-mail USA Yes
Buss, David M. Evolutionary psychologist, Texas Buss "Human Mating Strategies" active Buss 7/9/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Calvin, William Theoretical neuroscientist, U. of Washington (William H. Calvin) Calvin active Calvin 6/17/99 e-mail USA Yes
Cochran, Gregory M. Physicist, "New Germ Theory" Cochran 2/99 Cover story in The Atlantic active Cochran 3/29/99 e-mail USA Yes
Dennett, Daniel C. Philosopher, Tufts Dennett "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" active Dennett 3/16/99 e-mail USA Yes
Derbyshire, John Novelist and critic Derbyshire "Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream" active Derbyshire 5/10/99 e-mail USA Yes
Ellis, Lee Sociologist, Minot St. Ellis active Ellis 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Entine, Jon "Taboo" on race & sports Entine "Taboo" - upcoming active Entine 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Fallows, James Microsoft, former editor of USN&WR Fallows "More Like Us" active Fallows 3/4/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Farrey, Tom ESPN Columnist Farrey active Farrey 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Frost, Peter Anthropologist, Laval U. Frostébut active Frost 3/4/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Fukuyama, Francis Public Policy, George Mason Fukuyama "Great Disruption" active Fukuyama 4/25/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Gelernter, David Computer scientist/polymath, Yale gelernter-david@CS.YALE.EDU Gelernter "Surviving the Unabomber" active Gelernter 5/17/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Guest, James Former MP, Australia (James Guest) Guest active Guest 7/20/99 e-mail Australia Not yet
Hamilton, William D. Biologist, Oxford Hamilton Kin selection, Red Queen theory active Hamilton 3/16/99 e-mail UK Not yet
Harpending, Henry Anthropologist, Utah Harpending Dads vs. Cads theory active Harpending 5/30/99 e-mail USA Yes
Harrison, Lawrence International, Harvard Harrison "Who Prospers?" active Harrison 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Hassan, Natasha Opinion Page, National Post (of Canada) Hassan active Hassan 6/9/99 e-mail Canada Not yet
Hausman, Patti Psychologist Hausman active Hausman 6/24/99 e-mail USA Yes
Heckman, James J. Economist, U. of Chicago Heckman active Heckman 6/9/99 e-mail USA Yes
Hilton, Anthony Concordia, U. Hilton active Hilton 3/4/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Hirsch, Ken ? Hirsch active Hirsch 5/5/99 e-mail ? Yes
Holloway, Ralph L. Anthropology, Columbia rlh2@COLUMBIA.EDU Holloway active Holloway 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Hu, Arthur Computer consultant, journalist Hu Index of Diversity active Hu 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Iannone, Carol Literature, NYU Iannone active Iannone 6/9/99 e-mail USA Yes
Jacobs, Ken Anthropology, U. of Montreal Jacobs active Jacobs 3/4/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Kohn, Marek Science journalist Kohn "Race Gallery" active Kohn 3/4/99 e-mail UK Not yet
Krugman, Paul Economist, MIT; columnist: Slate & Fortune krugman@MIT.EDU Krugman active Krugman 3/25/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Kugiya, Hugo Journalist, Newsday Kugiya active Kugiya 5/17/99 e-mail USA Yes
Landsburg, Steven E. Economist, Rochester; Slate columnist Landsburg "Armchair Economist" active Landsburg 6/8/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Lopez, Kathryn Jean Editorial staff, National Review Lopez active Lopez 5/21/99 e-mail USA Not yet
MacDonald, Kevin Psychologist, Cal State Long Beach MacDonald "People that Shall Dwell Alone" trilogy active MacDonald 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
MacKay, Kate Anthropologist MacKay active MacKay 3/12/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Manners, John H. Journalist Manners "The Running Tribe" - upcoming active Manners 6/19/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Marks, Jonathan Molecular anthropologist, Berkeley Marks "Human Biodiversity" bouncing Marks 3/4/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Martin, William C. Sociologist, Rice Martin "Prophet with Honor: Billy Graham" active Martin 4/1/99 e-mail USA Not yet
McCarthy, John Computer scientist, Stanford jmc@Steam.Stanford.EDU McCarthy Cofounder-Artificial Intelligence; LISP active McCarthy 5/18/99 e-mail USA Yes
Miele, Frank Senior Editor, Skeptic Magazine Miele active Miele 4/3/99 e-mail USA Yes
Miller, Ed Economist/polymath, U. of New Orleans Miller active Miller 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Miller, John J. Journalist Miller active Miller 6/14/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Murray, Charles Political scientist, American Enterprise Inst. Murray "Bell Curve", "Losing Ground" active Murray 3/6/99 Digest USA Yes
Noakes, Tim Sports physiologist Noakes "Lore of Running" active Noakes 3/4/99 e-mail South Africa Yes
Nyborg, Helmuth Psychologist, Aarhus U. Nyborg "Hormones, Sex, & Society" active Nyborg 3/20/99 e-mail Denmark Yes
Olson, Walter Manhattan Institute Olson "Litigation Explosion" active Olson 6/7/99 e-mail USA Yes
O'Sullivan, John Editor-at-Large, National Review O'Sullivan active O'Sullivan 3/4/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Pinker, Steven Psychologist, cognitive scientist, MIT Pinker "How Mind Works", "Language Instinct" active Pinker 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Pitchford, Ian Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies Pitchford Human Nature website active Pitchford 3/14/99 e-mail UK Yes
Polsby, Daniel D. Law Professor, George Mason U. Polsby active Polsby 6/10/99 Web USA Not yet
Postrel, Virginia Editor, Reason Magazine Postrel The Future and Its Enemies active Postrel 7/20/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Relethford, John Anthropologist, SUNY Oneonta Relethford active Relethford 7/14/99 e-mail USA Yes
Rodgerson, Richard W. Kinesiologist, U. of Minnesota Rodgerson active Rodgerson 3/4/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Rowe, David Geneticist, U. of Arizona Rowe active Rowe 6/24/99 e-mail USA Yes
Rushton, J.P. Psychologist, Western Ontario U. Rushton "Race, Evolution, & Behavior" active Rushton 3/4/99 e-mail Canada Yes
Sailer, Steve Dilettante, founder of H-Bd Sailer nada active Sailer 3/3/99 e-mail USA Yes
Salter, Frank Political sociobiologist, Max Planck Institute Salter active Salter 3/4/99 e-mail Germany Yes
Sarich, Vincent Anthropologist, Berkeley (emeritus) Sarich Cofounder- molecular anthropology active Sarich 5/27/99 e-mail New Zealand Yes
Seligman, Dan Columnist, Forbes Magazine Seligman "A Question of Intelligence" active Seligman 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes
Taylor, Jeremy G. TV Documentary Producer Taylor active Taylor 3/4/99 e-mail UK Not yet
Tripp, Steven D. Education, U. of Aizu Tripp active Tripp 3/3/99 e-mail Japan Yes
Unz, Ron K. Software, Public Citizen Unz Proposition 227, Voters Rights Initiative active Unz 7/20/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Van den Berghe, Pierre Sociologist, U Washingtn Van den Berghe "Ethnic Phenomenon" active Van den Berghe 7/12/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Wattenberg, Ben J. Demographer, TV Host, American Enterprise Inst. Wattenberg "Thinktank" on PBS, "Real Majority" active Wattenberg 3/16/99 e-mail USA Not yet
Whitney, Glayde Behavioral geneticist, Florida State Whitney active Whitney 3/4/99 e-mail USA Yes

The following people have written to express concerns about their inclusion here:

Marek Kohn

For the record, I guess I should affirm that I reject the ideology propounded by Steve Sailer and those of like mind on the Human Biodiversity discussion group. I'd appreciate it if you would make this clear, assuming that you will continue to publish the old HBDG membership list which includes my name.

I was invited to join the group because I wrote a book called 'The Race Gallery: The Return of Racial Science'. The site I created to accompany the book can be found via my homepage at <> .

Ian Pitchford

See link above for details.


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