J. Michael Bailey connections

This is an archived page. Please see the updated information on academic pathologization of transgender people.

Below is a diagram explaining the connections of all the people in the Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence investigation. Bailey's theories and work as a pop psychologist are heavily informed by a combination of eugenics and sexology, put to work in shaping public perception and policy of our community.

The four major institutions involved in his work on gender variance are:

Human Biodiversity Institute: a conservative-run eugenics think tank where Bailey is a member

Clarke Institute: A Toronto mental institution named after Canada's foremost eugenicist, where Bailey gets his ideas on gender variance

Northwestern University: Bailey's employer

Joseph Henry Press: Bailey's publisher

The three major people involved in this campaign to cast gender variance as a disease are:

Ray Blanchard: invented a sex-fueled mental illness he calls "autogynephilia."

Anne Lawrence: claims to be afflicted with "autogynephilia," works to gain clinical recognition for this factitious illness.

J. Michael Bailey: works to popularize Blanchard's theory by exploiting research subjects, sex workers, and marginalized women in the transgender community.

Generally speaking, the closer someone is to Bailey on this chart, the more involved they are in the publication of The Man Who Would Be Queen.

Be sure to check Lynn Conway's Interim Report on these connections as well.

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