Susan Bradley (born 1940) is a Canadian psychiatrist best known for creating the disease “gender identity disorder in children” and working with Kenneth Zucker to develop a form of reparative therapy to prevent gender diverse youth from becoming transgender adults. Gender Shock author Phyllis Burke characterized Bradley and Zucker’s practices as “child abuse.”

Psychologist Daryl Hill was lead author on a paper outlining Bradley’s dangerous beliefs: “Zucker and Bradley believe that reparative treatments (encouraging the child to accept their natal sex and associated gender) can be therapeutic for several reasons. They believe that treatment can reduce social ostracism by helping gender non-conforming children mix more readily with same sex peers and prevent long-term psychopathological development (1.e., it is easier to change a child than a society intolerant of gender diversity). Reparative therapy is believed to reduce the chances of adult GID (i.e., transsexualism) which Zucker and Bradley characterize as undesirable.”

is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, formerly Head of the Division of Child Psychiatry, and formerly Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children. She is consultant psychiatrist to the Child and Adolescent Gender Identity Clinic at the new Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Clarke Division (formerly the Clarke Institute), a clinic that Dr. Bradley founded in the late seventies. Other research interests include evaluation of parenting programs, especially as they relate to parents of young children. Theoretical interests include models that explain the development of psychopathology integrating findings from the developmental literature. Her recently published book Affect Regulation and the Development of Psychopathology (Guilford Press, 2000) provides a model that integrates biological and psychosocial thinking in psychiatry.


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