Academic pathologization of transgender people

A major social paradigm shift is now occurring in which increasing numbers of people reject the pathologization of gender variance. As we look back at those involved in the effort to stigmatize trans and intersex people as being disordered, we see that most are in their 40s or older - with only a dwindling handful of protegés clinging to their outmoded ideology.

In 2003, I created an earlier version of this graphic, based on information as it was coming in. Since that time, the concept of social networking has entered the mainstream lexicon and is more easily achieved through software innovations. Below is a streamlined two-dimensional representation of key figures in the academic pathologization of sex and gender minorities.

transgender pathologization

Key figures
Paul McHugh
Ken Zucker
Ray Blanchard † *
Richard Green
Susan Bradley
J. Michael Bailey † * -

Other academics
Kurt Freund
James Cantor
Meredith Chivers † -
Steven Pinker *
David Buss *
Lee Ellis *
Simon LeVay
Richard Pillard
Alan Sanders -
Khytam Dawood -
Dean Hamer
Seth Roberts
Colette Chiland
Janice Raymond
Alice Dreger -
Germaine Greer (link)
Susan Mineka -
Jon Meyer
George Rekers
Susan Coates
Gerulf Rieger -
Elizabeth Latty -
Martin Kafka
Joan Linsenmeier -
Domenico di Ceglie

Media apologists
Steve Sailer *
John Derbyshire *
Dan Seligman *
Jim Marks
Benedict Carey (link)
Duncan Osborne
Barbara Kline Pope
Stephen Mautner

Trans apologists
Anne Lawrence
Maxine Petersen
Denise Tree
Heike Spreitzer
Cheryl Chase
Willow Arune
Lisanne Anderson
Hontas Farmer (link)
Anjelica Kieltyka -
Jenn Ross

Networking tools

The following programs are helpful for anyone looking at academic logrolling and nepotism from a networking standpoint.

  • Microsoft Visio
  • Valdis Krebs' InFlow