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Transgender shapewear

Some clothing can help change the appearance of your body shape.

Women / transfeminine

Generally, trans women and transfeminine people are trying to reduce the appearance of their abdomens and increase the appearance of their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Some also use push-up bras and other garments to enhance their breasts.

Control top pantyhose

  • These can be good for bringing in the stomach or sides, but they often compress the thighs and hips. Some are designed to lift the buttocks rather than compress everything.

Shaping camisole

  • These can be worn under everyday clothes to give a light reshaping and smoothing.

Waist cincher

  • Waist cinchers and corsets can be used to reduce the appearance of the abdomen more than control top pantyhouse.


  • Tucking genitals can be done with a number of garments, including sturdy off the shelf underwear. Some people prefer a gaff, a specialized item that offers added security and smoothness.
  • Some drag performers use tape with strong adhesive like duct tape, but this is not good for the skin or for daily or long-term use.

Padded bras

  • Bras with padding or pockets for inserts can enhance or create the appearance of cleavage.

Padded underwear

  • Underwear with padding to enhance hips and buttocks comes in several styles.

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Men / transmasculine

Chest binders

  • Chest binders flatten the chest to give it a male appearance. They come in several styles, the most popular of which are full shirt and vest styles.

Specialized boxers and briefs

  • Specialized boxers and briefs can offer options that reduce the width and prominence of buttocks. Some also include options for inserting packers and other prosthetics and even options to deal with bleeding.

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