The United Kingdom is unfortunately the home to two of the sleaziest members of the transgender community: Crissy Wild and Stephanie Anne Lloyd. Both are well-known for ripping off TG women around the world with overpriced garbage of dubious value.

Luckily, one author has shown that the U.K. has its share of decent women, some of whom have a delightful and wicked sense of humor.

Tatt4Trannies is a sendup of Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Wild and their gouging ways. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a smile.

In the meanwhile, I urge all of you to spread the word far and wide to avoid disreputable people like Lloyd and Wild. They are the very worst type of people-- those from within our community who seek to take advantage of others through deception and greed. They are both very lucky I live here and not there, because I'd be looking into running them out of business.

Now, without further ado...

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