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Younger voices

In 2001, I asked for thoughts from young people who had made a gender change and did not want to use their name.

Sometimes people with the best thoughts can not share them because they are not out to everyone after transition. This let them share thoughts.

Here are some of the helpful notes I got, with my comments:


  • Rhonda 2015 (transition at 25) [archive]
  • Greta 2015 (transition at 17) [archive]
  • Ellen 2012 (transition at 24 after teen struggles) [archive]


  • Aubrey (transition after college) [archive]
  • Miranda (transition in her late teens/early 20s in college) [archive]
  • Angela (transition in her early 20s in college) [archive]
  • Karina (transition in her 20s; now 50, married 15 years) [archive]
  • Traci (transition at 18 while navigating shelter system) [archive]
  • Alicia (transition at 21 after marriage and military) [archive]
  • Pia (transition in Malaysia) [archive]
  • Anna (coming out letter to conservative parents) [archive]
  • Michelle (transition at 18 in the Netherlands) [archive]
  • Allison (transition at 19 in 1996) [archive]
  • Lana (transition at 20 in 1979) [archive]
  • Valencia (transition in Puerto Rico) [archive]
  • Erin (transition on the job) [archive]
  • Sarah (transition and school paid for by dancing) [archive]
  • Melissa (transition in military) [archive]
  • LINK: Sander
  • Vicky (UK) [archive]



I also have a part with reader essays from people who transitioned as adults. Some of it works for people of any age!