Colorado transgender resources

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Below are transgender resources for the state of Colorado. For information only. No endorsement implied. Please send updates to:

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Hair removal

Overview: Hair removal for transgender women

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Legal resources

Overview: selected web resources

Drivers License and State ID (also list of requirements)

Colorado Driver's License:

You must go to the DMV and request form "DR 2083" titled "Medical Information Authorization (Change of Sex Identification)". This form is NOT available online and an associate at the DMV cannot just hand you the form. You have to bring your Colorado ID because they track who gets these forms. You can have your ID changed with or without surgery. The text on the form reads "Based on the patient's gender identity and full time gender role expression, or on prior completion of medical sex reassignment, my professional opinion is that the person's gender is: __ Male __ Female."

The back of the form reads:

1. If you previously had your sex designation changed on your Colorado driver's licence or identification card, using a letter from your physician or mental health care provider, you are grandfathered and no further action is necessary to maintain your current sex designation.
2. You must request an original form DR 2083, Medical Information Authorization for Change of Sex Designation, in person at a Colorado DMV office. Copies or facsimiles of form DR 2083 will not be accepted. Legibly print your name, the number from your current driver's license or identification card, the date, your address and your previous name, if changing your name concurrently. Please sign and date the form, authorizing your physician to provide medical information in support of your application.
3. Form DR 2083 must be completed and signed by a Colorado licenced physician. He or she should state your gender on the basis of your gender identity and full time gender role expression or on prior completion of medical sex reassignment. Medical information provided to the DMV will be held in strictest confidence per Colorado Revised Statute 42-2-121 and the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act, section 2721.
4. Bring the completed form DR 2083 to a DMV ofice with your current driver's licence or identification card and renewal fee. A new photo will be taken, and you will be issued a temporary driver's licence or identification document and asked to review it for correctness. Your new driver's licence or ID card will be mailed to you.

Instructions for Physicians
1. Form DR 2083 authorizes you to provide medical information in support of application for change of sex designation on a Colorado driver's licence or identification card. You must be a medical doctor licenced in the state of Colorado.
2. Please complete and sign the form, and include your Colorado medical licence number. Based on your professional [judgement], the patient's gender identity, his/her full time gender role expression, or on prior completion of medical sex reassignment, state your patient's gender, as it should appear on his/her driver's licence or ID card.
3. Return the completed form to your patient. Please contact the Gender Identity Center of Colorado,  303-202-6466 for assistance changing a Driver's License.

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