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LINK: The Bailey Smokescreen, Ignoring Science and Playing to the Gallery (via OII)

LINK: A guide by and for young trans people in the UK from the Department of Health

LINK: Fenway Guide to LGBT Health (PDF)

LINK: Advocate columnist Joanne Herman on Why the Bailey controversy won't die soon

LINK: Calculating the prevalence of transsexualism: Request for comment

LINK: Science and Ideology II: The J. Michael Bailey Affair in the New York Times


LINK: Biologist Joan Roughgarden on The Bailey Affair, Again

LINK: Science and Ideology: The Blanchard-Bailey-Lawrence Model of Transsexuality

LINK: CIRCLES: A Retreat/Conference in Southern California, October 19-21 (PDF)

LINK: Biologist Julia Serano on Bailey's "science" and Dreger's "history"

KQED: Alice Dreger defends J. Michael Bailey

LINK: Intersex activist Sophia Seidlberg: Alice Dreger: How Can I Debate This?

LINK: Lawyer and historian Katrina Rose analyzes Alice Dreger's "scholarly 'fast one' against transsexual women" (PDF)

LINK: WPATH announces new Spanish translation of Standards of Care v6 (PDF)

Two great new books: Whipping Girl and Pholomolo

Alice Dreger: Disorders of Sex Development

Alice Dreger: Timeline of her personal feud with me


LINK: TransCare Clinic: New Toronto alternative to the Clarke Institute

LINK: Gender Odyssey Family advocacy group by parents of transgender children.


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Transsexual news resources

LINK: Deep Stealth Visits Cocoon Guest House

LINK: LA: Rise & Shine event scheduled for June 30


LINK: April 27: Barbara Walters of ABC's 20/20 to feature trans children

LINK: April 22: MSNBC to feature trans children (photos, Jake's story, Tayler's story) 9 p.m. Eastern

LINK: GenderLife News Exchange 2.0 now online. Register today!

Kiira Triea (Denise Tree) and the "transkids" hoax

Singapore name change information

LINK: Transpeople, transphobia and mental illness: a call for the de-pathologisation of transgenderism (video)


LINK: Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual Peoples Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination (PDF)


Two great new early transition stories: Allison and Michelle

Consigli per una felice RCS

LINK: Sign NCTE's Petition to Support the Hate Crimes Prevention Act

LINK: Virginia Transgender Health Initiative Study (PDF)


Transsexual forum list



LINK: Maddie Deutsch, MD now taking appointments for her new Los Angeles practice

LINK: TransYouth Family Associates: a great new resource for gender-variant children

TransYouth Family Associates brochure (PDF) and video: pass them on, spread the word!

LINK: Letting children express their chosen gender gains further acceptance (except at The Clarke)

LINK: Seasonal fund drive! Support our work with a one-time or monthly donation


A successful early transition, nearly 30 years later

LINK: 10 Things to discuss with your healthcare providers

LINK: GenderLife Survival Kits: Bundled options for all our popular titles

LINK: Coming Out Volume 3: Randi Ettner interview

Transgender prisoner resources


Transition in Thailand

LINK: Coccinelle (1931-2006)


LINK: End of an era: GenderTalk final broadcast September 30

LINK: Apply as a trans mentor via The Point Foundation Mentoring Program

LINK: Alice Dreger: Disorders of Sex Development

Dating and disclosure

Somsak Kunachakr

LINK: Rogue theories of transsexualism

LINK: Prescription assistance for low-cost hormones: and


Coming Out Volume 2: Helen Boyd on relationships, family, spouses, and partners

FFS and insurance submission, part 1 (PDF)

FFS and insurance submission, part 2 (PDF)

Thep Vechavisit

Pierre Brassard to get licensed in U.S. due to restrictive new state birth certificate law

Electrology 2000 under new management

LINK: Beautiful Daughters now available on iTunes


LINK: New transsexual emergency shelter in Mississippi

Finding Your Female Voice workbook now available free online


San Francisco City and County Transgender Health Benefit : A Claims Analysis (PDF)

Letter to HBIGDA on medical necessity of FFS (PDF)

Added vaginoplasty page for Pablo Maldonado

LINK: Collected Essays in Trans Healthcare Politics: Documenting the Scandal of How Medicine Lost The Trust Of Trans People (PDF)


LINK: Coming Out Volume 1 now available on DVD or as streaming media

LINK: Deep Stealth presenting at Northwestern University on 18 May

LINK: Developing Consensus Guidelines for Endocrinological Intervention in the Gender Identity Development Treatment of Adolescents

Passports: instructions for permanent and temporary (one-year) US passports


For the Employee in Transition: Health Insurance Options (PDF)

Join us at The Point Foundation gala June 12 in Hollywood

LINK: GLAAD Media Awards air 15 and 16 April 2006


LINK: TRANSforming Gender: Boulder, Colorado, April 5-7, 2006

LINK: Femistent: new dilator manufacturer


Gianna Israel memorial page

LINK: Transgenderism: ethical overview by Norman Spack, MD, Harvard Medical School

LINK: Beautiful Daughters Q&A with Eve Ensler

LINK: California Transgender Leadership Summit at USC February 17 - 19

LINK: Trans/Giving West Hollywood February 18

LINK: IndigoWiki surgeon satisfaction survey

LINK: Transgenderism: ethical overview by Norman Spack, MD, Harvard Medical School

LINK: Conversation with Calpernia now available in streaming media

LINK: Beautiful Daughters official site on Logo


LINK: Beautiful Daughters screening 6 February in L.A.

Stanley Biber (1923–2006)

LINK: The latest fake "transkid": author "JT LeRoy" unmaskedmore fakes

Trans-Unity 2006 events

LINK: Beautiful Daughters scheduled to air 11 February on LOGO



Transamerica soundtrack

Deep Stealth Productions co-hosting Los Angeles holiday party on 18 December


Middle Sexes: Redefining He and Sheofficial HBO siteschedule

LINK: Transamerica film newsofficial site trailerNewsday article

Transgender Identity Development Survey: Please consider filling this out!

LINK: Transgender Day of Remembrance resources

Los Angeles Day of Remembrance information


Important health services issue to address before 30 October: click for details

LINK: TRANSAMERICA trailer now available online

LINK: Online anonymity for blogging, emailing, and forums (see Zuckerman and Pierrat articles)

LOTUS and SCTCC Day of Discussion and Action, 23 October in Whittier CA [PDF]

LINK: Transistahs-Transbrothas discussion group for African-American transpeople

LINK: Shannon Minter wins $100,000 Award for trans legal advocacy


LINK: Helen Hill sets up therapy practice in Los Angeles

LINK: Article on the founders of Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP).

Handwriting and gender cues

LINK: Transgeneration premieres Tuesday 20 September on Sundance Channel. Watch Episode One

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Finding Your Female Voice Volume 2: Spectrogram Video

LINK: American Library Association's new transgender bibliography [PDF]

FFS video with Dr. Ousterhout and free Cocoon House video now bundled on DVD

LINK: Disforia de Genero: Por mujeres transexuales o transgéneros de México y Estados Unidos


LINK: Amberspace has moved! Please update your links!

LINK: A Basis for Evaluating Care Approaches and Services for Trans People in the UK

LINK: UK: Parliamentary Forum trans health service guidelines [PDF]

LINK: New video: Facial Feminization Surgery with Douglas Ousterhout


Jim Marks, who defended J. Michael Bailey nomination, ousted at Lambda Lit

LINK: Transsexual Road Map Hebrew translation project

Bailey's bisexual "science" slammed: Clearinghouse, FAIR, AmericaBlog, GLAAD, Task Force

One dead, one on life support following silicone injections

LINK: First-hand report of FFS with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout

LINK: Silicone injection web resource

LINK: My "Breaking The Silence" U. of Minnesota speech now available online