Transgender voice teachers

Many people can help you focus your transgender voice practice. Below are many of the most popular people.

Note: Listings are not endorsements.

Teachers and studios

Renée Yoxon (

  • Includes blog and freebies
  • Discord
  • TikTok:
  • YouTube

Scientifically Augmented Voice (

  • Discord
  • Savvy#2294 (Teacher who runs SAV, DM to book lessons)

Vox Nova Voice Studio (

Online Vocal Coach

  • Discord

Scilinguistics (

Fluid Voice Studio (

  • Discord

TransVoiceLessons (

Vocal Validation (

  • Singing lessons for trans and nonbinary people

Melina Jaharis (

Clover Grigsby (

  • also teaches at TransVoiceLessons

Seattle Voice Lab (

Adi Wilson (

  • Ko-fi
  • YouTube
  • Discord

SumianVoice Lessons (

Undead Voice [Nicole Gress] (

Alyssa’s Voice Training

Zoey Alexandria (NatFem) on YouTube

Transgender Voice Training Time (Bria Symington)

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Speaking voice masculinization

Speaking voice feminization