Transgender-recommended electrologists: California

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Monica L. Wurm Monica L. Wurm, R.E., C.P.E. 412 Downey Ave. Modesto, CA  (209) 571-2747. Hours by arrangement, flexible, by appointment only. Closed Sunday. $45.00/hr. Probes: disposable. Chosen through ad. Hairs treated for free. Certification displayed.Wears gloves. Respondent Comments: Monica Wurm, R.E., C.P.E., is very friendly and would get along with anyone very easily. For those reasons I felt very comfortable with her. The hairs that she treated have not grown back, so I am very pleased. (98-03-26; [1 TG ref])

Susan Laird   Susan Laird, R.E.   Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 615-7290  Web: E-mail: see website. Electrologists: 1. Hours: All days, by appointment only. Hourly rates effective April 2002: Facial $60.00. Genital $75. Rework of laser damage and the like $75 and up. Modality used: Facial is 100% pure galvanic; other body parts may be galvanic, blend or thermolysis. Probes: Disposable. Chosen through: TG referral/internet; California certification displayed.
Respondent Comments: Suzie is post-op TS (Schrang 92) and is trusted in the community. Her girls consistently have the best complexions, due to the extensive use of galvanic mode (and to her skill). Susan has clients that fly in from UK, Australia and even Nevada! They believe she is the best electrologist in the entire world at any price bar none. Average full beard is now well under 200 hours from virgin to done (and done means done), much less for redheads, typically more if already partly done because of how galvanic works (non-linearly). (2002-03-01)

Sap & Salon Dee Moreno 1924 Grant St. STE 13 Concord, CA 94521 510-825-5350. Hours: 10am-6pm By appointment only. Closed Sun. Hourly rate: $40.00. Blocks available at $200.00 for 5 hours. Probes: disposable, insulated, straight. Chosen through: TG referral. Certification displayed. Wears gloves. [1 TG ref., 98-01-29] Respondent Comments: She is quick, careful and friendly.

Layla's Electrologist & Skin Care Layla West L.A., CA  (310) 473-8979. Hours: By appointment only. Hourly rate: (sliding scale fee). Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, gold-plated. Chosen through: Met her at Long Beach School. Free consultation. Wears gloves and mask. [1 TG ref., 98-06-12] Respondent Comments: I brought Layla into the community... I am very pleased to recommend this wonderful "Sting Mistress"... she is the best...

About Face

Linda L. Hancock 4475 vineland ave.,suite 24 n.hollywood, ca 91605 (818)762-7630 Hours: varies Hourly rate: $60.00 Types of probes available: disposable. Chosen through: phone book. Free consultation with hairs treated for free Certification displayed Wears gloves

Respondent Comments: Exceptional! [1 TG ref. 98-12-29]

Ms. Edie's Permanent Hair Removal Ms. Edie, TS/J. Roberts 2024 Down St. Riverside, CA 92507 (909) 683-6442 E-mail: Open all days, any hours, if arranged in advance. $50.00/hr, $75.00 for 2 hours, prepaid hours best buy. Modality used: Thermolysis: 10%- Galvanic: 50%- Blend: 80% Types of probes available: disposable, insulated, straight, tapered, gold-plated, multi-needle galvanic. Free consultation with hairs treated for free, Certification displayed, Wears gloves and mask. Respondent Comments: I just love me. So do my "girlfriends" Try to do the most effective work, with the least amount of irritation. Most clients show little or no adverse reactions.Other electrologists: Went to seven, before I found mine. She moved to Kansas, and decided it was time for me to learn the business. [1 self ref., 98-04-05]

Bare With Us Evelyn Brum, R.E.  6449 Thornton Ave. Newark, CA 94560  (510) 795-0500  Electrolysis and Permanent Cosmetics, Free Consultations. She's fast, her treatment is effective and leaves no scars, and her rates are reasonable ($45/hour). She is very nice to TGs!! (97-11-25, aol)

Darcy Electrology Jo Menlo Park, CA (650) 324-9950. Offers the transgender community permanent beard removal in a very caring setting. (98-07-21, aol)

Victoria Studio Sandy Robinette, RE  206 Tamalpais Drive Corte Madera, CA 94925 (415) 924-1457 Gender Friendly electrolysis and skin care. Days of operation: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10am to 6pm By appointment only. Hourly rate: $55.00. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 10% Blend: 90%. Types of probes available: disposable, gold-plated. Chosen through: TG referral, other: listed on this site. Free consultation. Certification displayed.

Respondent Comments: Sandy is great. Certainly TG positive. I'm not doing beard with her but I am doing a complete clearing from waist to bikini line. Fun to talk to. Sandy respects confidentiality, She told me that the other women that work in the shop are always curious when about the procedure she's doing, she's telling them I'm having my back cleared.  Pain is not an issue with me, but she and I made a plan such that she'd work my less sensitive areas early in a session so that I'd get an endorphin build up then on to the more sensitive areas mid-session, I've used no anesthetic creams or drugs. I find my time with her  relaxing, even though I was quite anxious for my first session. (2 TG ref 98-10-22)

European Electrolysis Jette C. Selness, R.E. 2646 Appian Way, Suite 16  Pinole, CA 945764 (510) 222-7912  By Appointment Only. Registered Electrolgist. She is sensitive to and understanding of the needs of the Transgender community. She charges only $40.00 per hour and $25.00 per 1/2 hour. Highly competent and very sensitive to our needs and our situations.  She has a very fine dentist who will give pain relief injections for the very sensitive areas, upper lip, etc. (98-07-21, aol)

Wave Electrology Thu-Minh Ngo & Guy Campo, wife and husband, have been reported as moved to Bend, Oregon as of 2008.

Address 2100 Curtner Ave. Suite A San Jose, CA 95124-1330
Phone: 408-371-9053
e-mail: via website

2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
3. Hours 9A to 9P
3. Hours 11A to 3P
By appointment only? Yes

4. Electrologist treatment information
Number of electrologists in office: 2
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? Yes

Modality used (%)
Thermolysis 90
Galvanic 0
Blend 10

Type of probes available:

Electrologist wears a mask.
Electrologist wears gloves. Yes

Was consultation free? Yes
Were hairs treated?
Were certification/training documents displayed. Yes
6. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:

Respondent 1: Mr. Campo offers all the latest in modern electrology. He is co-located in a Dr's office and injections to help control pain are easily available. Specializing in the needs of TG people. (97-11-25, aol)

Respondent 2: Guy is an alternative to E-2000. He is effective and fast. The post treatment inflammation lasts about a week and is caused mostly from the local. I've experienced very little redness from him.He does the genital zapping as well. Other electrologists: Sharon Schuer -- pitting, and lack of local anesthesia. Marga Myers -- lack of local anesthesia. E-2000: I'm down to a point where air travel costs more than treatments. One person can clear me in 3 hours. I have to take frequent breaks due to neck problems. (98-10-20)

Susan Parks, R. E. Susan Parks 1414 Everett Street Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 865-0900
Description of Practice:
20 years experience.
State of the art equipment.
Easy parking.
Member: IGPE, AEA, EAC (revised 09/2004)

A Hair Less Electrology Bert Stead 1246 East Street, Suite 3 Redding, CA, 96001 530-241-8123

Owner comment

I am the former owner of A Hair Less Electrology, of Alameda California...a listing currently showing on your electrology referral page. I sold the business about two years ago to another person, who continues to do business under that name. She is Trans friendly and continues to work on some of my former clients who are very happy with my work. She is a fine electrologist.

I moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area after selling my two practices and now live in Redding CA. I am the only one doing Trans work, and due to the nature of the community here, have had a difficult time getting out the word. I know there is a substantial (trans)community here but they don't know of my services available to them. So I am asking to be put onto your directory listings for my new office. (09/2004)

See note following this listing.

Dana Point Electrology Lisa Lindsey Pruett, R.E. or Bambi H. Nolen, R.E. (fka Mike). 34213 Pacific Coast Highway Ste. G  Dana Point, CA 92629 (949) 240-7709  All days, by appt. only. Ten years experience providing professional electrolysis and information about electrology to the transgender community. Licensed and inspected by the State of California. Offers an initial consultation in our office at no charge, and can also give presentations to groups or meetings at your location. Ask about a TCF discount on the treatment price. $60.00/hr. probes available: disposable, straight. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed, wears gloves and mask Respondent Comments: Bambi is great. She is really interested in seeing me through, and she has much experience with TS patients. [98-09-07, 2 TG refs]

[I received this on 3-1-99 --AJ]

I started electrolysis with Bambi Nolen at Dana point Electrology and about two months later they went out of business (it's a long story, but if you want to hear it let me know). I have heard that Lisa Pruett is still working out of her home, but does not want publicity. She is only working by personal referrals. Bambi is back behind the wheel of the long-haul semi.

Kat's Whiskers  Electrolysis by Kathleen   Kathleen Robinson R.E.  (510) 521 -9236 450 Park St. #1000 Alameda, CA 94501. Sensitive and understanding, especially to TG folks. (97-11-25, aol)

T.L.C. Electrology Research, Inc. 1525 Larkin St. San Francisco CA 94109 (415) 775-3848 She works days, evenings, weekends. $45.00 per hour, budget billing available. (97-11-25, aol)

Hi Andrea. Info for your next update: 2 electrologists in California listed in your directory can no longer be reached: TLC Electrology Research (deceased), and Kat's Whiskers (phone disconnected).

Dawn Woodhull Dawn Woodhull  Canoga Park, CA (818) 348-7750 Transgenderd electrolygist. Special rates for the TG commuinity: $30 per hour (97-11-25, aol)

Total Body Care Tracy Wesselman, R.E. Rhonda Tatarian, R.E.154 Broadway Costa Mesa, California (949) 574-2500. Day, Evening, and Saturday Appointments. Free Consultation. Disposable Probes & Private Office. Respondent comments: I would like to recommend Tracy as a So. California electrologist who is sympathetic with the special needs of the transsexual community. She is fast and knows her trade. [2 TG refs., 99-03-01]

Mary's Body AEsthetica & Med Spa  Mary Yamaki  8344 W. Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 323-651-0505


Since 1981 Mary Yamaki has been working within the transgender Community not only as a professional, but also as an advocate and compassionate friend. Her lifetime mission, "To rid unwanted hair from the face of the earth," is also her great motivating passion. Mary uses all available methods of electrolysis, blend; 32 multiple needle (two 16 multiple needle machines Mary created); galvanic, and flash thermolysis. Being a Registered Nurse, Mary uses a variety of local anesthetics (creams and lidocaine injections) in order to have longer, more comfortable electrolysis sessions in her studio.

Mary's experience, speed, and efficacy within the Trans and Electrolysis Communities are well documented and unparalleled. Mary has developed a technique she calls the "Simultaneous Technique." This technique allows Mary to hold the probe with her right hand, and work both the treated hair (where the probe is being used) and the previously treated hair at the same time. This means Mary is actually treating two to three hairs at the exact same time which saves time, money, and creates an efficiency - that cannot be duplicated - by other electrologists within the TransCommunity.

As an Electrolysis Instructor, Teacher, and Mentor, Mary's work has become so renowned, that Gentronics, (one of the leading electrolysis machine manufactures) regularly video her techniques, for training and education, now being used throughout electrolysis schools both in the United States and Europe.|

Since 1996, Mary has been very involved with Laser Hair Removal. At the age of 48, Mary decided to attend college, and obtain her Nursing License (CA636622) in order to comply with the latest California State Laws. These laws state - an operator of Lasers, for Hair Removal must "at a minimum" be a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Laser Technician, which Mary holds a variety of Licenses. Mary has been trained to work with various laser machines due - only - to serve the transgender Community for an alternative hair removal method. Whether Electrolysis or Laser Mary believes in all the choices to be offered at her salon.

Mary's personal involvement with people who are transgender, and the transgender Community, at large, stems from her own personal struggle to find her own identity in the United States. Raised in Japan, in an ultraconservative family, Mary left Japan, at the age of 18, to find a new home and life in Los Angeles. Growing up in the Far East Mary always felt like she was in the wrong place and trapped in the wrong culture. Mary has personally witnessed the transition of many of her TS friends, and it is her personal pleasure to be a part of the process.

Mary's practice priority is to help you to find the most economical, comfortable, fast, and effective way to rid - unwanted - hairs from the face, body or genitals, for SRS, using the method most appropriate for each individual client.

Evelyn's Electrolysis "Just" Evelyn 3678 fourth Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 619-300-0396 . E-mail: justevelynATpcmagicDOTcom Hours: By appointment only. $30.00/hr. Thermolysis: 100%. Probes available: disposable, non-insulated, straight. Chosen through: TG referral. Certification displayed, Wears gloves Respondent Comments: Evelyn is a BIG supporter of the TG (she has a TS daughter) and is very flexible with hours and fees. Pain is normal for electrolysis but she will help where she can. (I use a local Dr. to inject Lidocane prior to her sessions) Evelyn treats all TG like family and hosts a social group on the 3ed Wed. of each month (no charge/pot luck) and rents out lockers for the sisters who cannot dress freely at home. She also manages perhaps the largest TG library in San Diego. [1 TG ref. 98-09-13] Evelyn writes: "Please remove me as an electrolysis resource. I have retired and moved to Colorado. Thanks, Just Evelyn" update 7 July 2006

Anne Best Beauty Care Anne Doan Phone for address San Jose, CA 95133 Phone: (408)926-1854 E-mail: Days of operation: all days, by appointment only Hourly rate: $35.00. Modality used on respondent: Thermolysis: 50% Blend: 50%. Types of probes available: disposable, non-insulated, tapered, gold-plated. Chosen through: non-TG referral, Wears gloves and mask.

Respondent Comments: I have been treated by a number of electrologists and am currently preparing to obtain a California electrology license myself. I have found Anne to be very conscientious. Her insertions of the probe into the follicle are consistently accurate and smooth. She has used blend on my face, and blend or thermolysis on various areas of the body, depending on my preference. Personable, friendly, and easy to work with. (1 TG ref, 98-10-13)

Respondent Comments: I also want to add my praise for one of the electrologists on your site -- Anne Doan of Anne Best Beauty Care (408-926-1854). I went to see her after visiting someone else and found the difference incredible. She is talented, professional, and dedicated to her clients -- you never feel the probes at all, she only charges for the time she works on you, and she is very flexible with scheduling. She guarantees that the hair will be gone, and does her best to make sure that happens as soon as possible. She also goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping clients handle the pain.

Respondent Comments: I have been seeing Anne for the past 3.5 months and she has cleared well over 90% of my face and body already (and I had a lot of hair). Anne is a great electrologist who is incredibly commited to what she does. She is very TG friendly and has worked with a number of girls over the years. Anne is great at helping clients handle the pain and is very flexible with regard to the hours she works and scheduling to fit client's schedules and timelines. I cannot recommend Anne enough.

B & J Electrolysis Betty Maddick, R.E. 10521 Pounds Ave Whittier Ca. 90603  562) 947-6818 Hourly rate: $35.00 Types of probes available: disposable, gold-plated. Chosen through: advertisement. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves and mask

Respondent Comments: Tg friendly, I am not her only TS client. She has a wonderful personality and really wants to help. She is a delightful older woman who is very helpful She has given me hints about eye makeup, trims nose hair (YUCK) and things like that. A delightful person to chat with during those seemingly endless hours on the table(1 TG ref, 98-12-07) Other electrologists: Kathy Karrow- She moved to another state

Respondent Comments: I called B & J Electrolysis and she confirmed that she works with ts clients, but NOT on the genitals which makes her moot for me cuz that's what I need. The search continues... :-( [16 Feb 2002]

I was seeing Betty for several months (10) but started to get concerned about the amount of regrowth and treatment of already treated hairs. I started going to another electrologist and was amazed by the difference. (11 January 2004)

Kathie Aaron

Kathie Aaron 804 Pershing Dr #308 Playa del rey, CA 90293 Phone: 310 827 3422. Hours: practicaly any time to fit customer needs By appointment only. Hourly rate: $30.00. Types of probes available: disposable. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation. Certification displayed

Respondent Comments: Total understanding and acceptance of TS's. Wonderful person, very experienced. She can also help you find a surgeon to finish your transition. [1 TG ref., 99-01-08]

San Juan Electrolysis & Skin Care

Valerie Smith 27184 Ortega Hwy., Suite 204 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5700 949-240-2311. Electrologists: 3. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM By appointment only. Hourly rate: $ 35.00. Modality used on respondent: Blend: 100%. Types of probes available: disposable, insulated, non-insulated, straight, gold-plated. Chosen through: TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed

Respondent Comments: Valerie has been treating TG/TS since 1984 and has completed over 27 patients. She has a wonderful sense of humor and English accent. She is very understanding and discreet. I have found her work to be outstanding. I tried 2 other electrologists before Valerie and was not satisfied. Then I tried Valerie and never left her until the job was done.

Respondent comments: Valerie Smith is far and away the best operator I have tried. She works closely with the Gender Dysphoria Program of Orange County and is very sympathetic to our special needs. Her Londoner accent is a delight and she is very fast. Her technique is good, and I have very little swelling after my sessions, but I do have to ask her to turn it up a bit from time to time (That could change, though since I'm no longer going to use Vicodin.) Her parlor is immaculate and she is very flexible with her schedule. [2 TG refs. 99-03-01]

Alexanders Hair Removal Center

Sarah Alexander 1/2 Block off interstate 5 at LaJolla Village Drive (adjacent to UCSD) 858-366-3785
23 years in LaJolla, Canadian trained. By appointment only. Evening hours available

Respondent Comments: The owner came into the field over 20 years ago when a TG friend had problems finding a good and understanding electrolygist. She is very knd and understanding Also funny. Office very professional---they have added epilight and that is proving to be the answer for me. The person doing the work is very well versed in hair removal and the TG proceedures. Other electrologists: several in the San Diego area and I was not pleased at all. They were cheaper but not really as they took much longer for results. [1 TG ref 99-02-07]

Marilyn Dahl

Marilyn Dahl 124 Race Street, San Jose, CA 95126, within Carla's Salon. Web
Electrolysis & Clinical Skin Care by Marilyn Dahl
(831) 262-0480
[1 self-reference, 99-02-27, update 2007]

Rhoda Levi

rohda levi 44709 beech avenue lancaster, calif 94534 Phone: (805)9426963 Days of operation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Hours: 10:00 to 6:00 pm By appointment only Hourly rate: 60.00. Chosen through: advertisement. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed.

Respondent Comments: very nice lady compassion for trangender patients needs. [1 TG ref, 99-03-20]

TENDER TOUCH ELECTROLYSIS - Teresa Dickey, R.E. practices the blend method
at her studio in rural Meiners Oaks. The address is 555 West Roblar Drive,
Ojai, CA 93023 (805-646-0421). Tender Touch is located 13 miles north of
Ventura in a beautiful quiet rural setting. Teresa has treated many
transgender patients in the the Ventura-Ojai area and is convenient to
Santa Barbara clients also. Reasonable rates with a sliding scale for the
truly needy. Pain management is available with local physicians
coordinating with Teresa to provide injectable local anesthesia when
necessary. She is a wonderful person who is anxious to expand her
transgender clientele.

Teresa was recommended to me by a postop TS living in Ojai as
I needed to prepare for labioplasty but did not want to travel
to West Los Angeles due to the long travel time. She had prepared
my friend for surgery with Dr Meltzer and was familiar with the areas
needing clearing, having worked with a number of other TS women. She is

Teresa is highly regarded for the wonderful care taken in facial electrolyis, as
the absence of scarring is a testimony to her skill. She has also spoken to our local
TG support group and is happy to help new girls meet their goals in all aspects of hair removal.'

Electrolysis by Laura at Hollywood & Vine
323-464-0143 or 818-951-8178 or
Electrolysis by a TS
Reccogmended by LA Gender Center and the Van Nuys House
Very flexible hours. 1st hour for a TS is free.

I received a report that Laura died in 2002.

Brockton Hair Corral
Mary Albrecht

Address: 10485 Magnolia Ave #1 Riverside, CA 92505
Phone: (909) 780-7474

Open daily By appointment only

Thermolysis 75%
Blend 25%
Type of probes available:
disposable x
insulated x
non-insulated x
straight x

Electrologist wears a mask. no
Electrologist wears gloves. yes

Was consultation free? yes
Were hairs treated? yes
Were certification/training documents displayed. yes

Please state your opinion about this electrologist

She was excellent. Very transgender friendly and in tune with what the transgender community is all aboutand its needs. She was very accommodating and I felt extremely comfortable with her. She seems to really care and took a sincere interest in developing a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. She is the third person I have seen, and definitely the best. I have made my decision to stick with her for the duration of my treatments.

Permanent Solutions

RenY¨e Electrolysis, Permanent Makeup, and a variety of other services to residents of the Santa Clara Valley and San Francisco Bay Area by appointment only. Free consultations

Address: 2460 Park Blvd. in Palo Alto
Phone: (650) 321-2721
And click here to email me at:

Absolutely Fabulous Electrolysis

1. Electrologist contact information
Electrologist name(s) Marianne Manca
Company name Absolutely Fabulous Electrolysis
Address 2918 Santa Monica Blvd.
City, State, Zip Santa Monica, CA 90277
Phone: 310-828-5494

2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
Sunday x
Monday x
Tuesday x
Wednesday x
Thursday x
Friday x
Saturday x

3. Hours: _7am_ to _8pm__
By appointment only? Yes, all treatments are private and confidential

4. Electrologist treatment information

Number of electrologists in office: 2
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? Yes
Modality used (%)
Thermolysis Yes – 50%
Galvanic No
Blend Yes – 50%

Type of probes available:
disposable Yes
non-disposable No
insulated Yes
non-insulated Yes
straight Yes
tapered No
bulbous No
gold-plated No
multi-needle galvanic No
Electrologist wears a mask. Yes
Electrologist wears gloves. Yes

5. How you chose your electrologist:
TG referral
Advertisement Yes
Non-TG referral
Was consultation free? Yes
Were hairs treated? Yes
Were certification/training documents displayed. Yes

6. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:

Gender friendly
Sensitive to individual concerns
State-of the art equipment (Apilus SX-500)
Registered Electrologist (RE), California state-licensed
Graduate of American Institute of Electrology, Long Beach, California
Member of American Electrology Association (AEA)
Private treatment room and separate waiting room
Professional, courteous, and clean
Treatment tables draped with clean paper before each treatment.
Sterilizer exceeds state requirements
Disposable probes, opens sterile packaging in your presence
Fee discounts based on hours completed or clients referred
Pre-payment plan/fee discount (block treatment) available


Electrologist name(s) Private
Address 3320 East Chapman Ave Orange, California 92869
Phone: (714) 289-0144

Days open (put an X by applicable days)
7 days a week, after work and weekends

Hours 10 to 9
By appointment only? YES

Electrologist treatment information
Number of electrologists in office: ONE
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? YES
Modality used (%)
Blend X (%): **
Type of probes available:
Disposable X
Insulated X
non-insulated X
Straight X
Tapered X
gold-plated X
Multi-needle galvanic
Probe use: **
Electrologist wears a mask. YES, WHEN NECESSARY
Electrologist wears gloves. YES, WHEN NECESSARY

How you chose your electrologist:
Non-TG referral X
Was consultation free? YES
Were hairs treated? YES
Were certification/training documents displayed? YES

Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
Understands pre-op needs

Layla's Electrolysis

12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 107, West Los Angeles CA 90025

  • Permanent hair removal for men and women
  • Permanent makeup
  • Skin analysis
  • Facial
  • Photo facial
  • Body treatment
  • Waxing
  • Massage
  • Ear piercing

Laylas's Electrolysis has been serving the transgender community for many years. Each client will find individual attention sensitive to their special needs. She also offers marathon sessions provided by herself and her daughter, who recently obtained her license to practice.

Additional service can be provided in areas of skin care, wax hair removal, makeup instruction and she is a esthetician. She is open seven days a week and evenings.

Suzanne Rogers, R.E.

Permanent hair removal
Orange, CA (near Glassell & the Garden Grove Freeway)
Phone: (714) 633-3630
Phone: (714) 394-9856


Total Body Care

Sylvia Uselton (Total Body Care: 154 Broadway, Costa Mesa CA 92627)
Cell: (949) 215-3871, Home: (949) 922-8991
By appointment only; uses thermolysis with disposable probes.
Hourly rates: $55; also available sliding scale fee, blocks and special rates for the TG community.

Sylvia has been in the business for long time; She offers total body & skin care such as facials, waxing¶. She‚s a very effective electrologist; friendly and open-minded; and knows how to attend to our needs discreetly and confidentially.

Zap-A-Hair Electrolysis

Tina Reynolds 1750 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 310/474-4787
e-mail: tinaATzapahairDOTcom

2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
Sunday X
Monday by appointment
Tuesday X
Wednesday X
Thursday X
Friday X
Saturday X

3. Hours 8 to 8 By appointment only? YES

4. Electrologist treatment information
Number of electrologists in office: 1
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? yes

Modality used (%)
Thermolysis 85%
Galvanic 5%
Blend 10%

Type of probes available:
disposable X
insulated X
non-insulated X
straight X
tapered X
gold-plated X

Electrologist wears a mask. - if requested
Electrologist wears gloves. - YES
Was consultation free? YES
Were hairs treated? YES
Were certification/training documents displayed. YES

Please state your opinion about this electrologist: Very good, very professional, and a joy to work with. I primarily choose Tina because during this trying timeshe seemed like someone who I could get along with and have fun while getting zapped. She also has a wonderful sense of humor about it. I've been going to her for about 8 weeks now, approximately 12 hours total time. I'm just about cleared. I'm an unusual case when it comes to the amount of facial hair that most MTF have to remove. I almost had none to begin with, and my body is virtually hairless; no chest, back or arm hair to speak of. The little facial hair that I did havetreated by Tina was very sparse and we managed to do thefirst clearing, using thermolysis at about 10 hours. The rest is all touch ups, using a combination of thermolysis and blend, from here on out when those pesky dormant hairs want to spring up. During my sessions with Tina She has been very professional, focused, thorough and sanitary in her practice. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Descanso Electrolysis

Judee Carrico 2032 Thompson Court #12 Montrose, CA 91020 (Pasadena, Glendale La Cresenta area of L.A.)

Phone: (818) 249-5489

Mon- Sat. By appointment only

Number of electrologists in office: One
Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? No
Modality used: Blend

Type of probes available: disposable, gold-plated

Electrologist wears a mask.
Electrologist wears gloves.

How you chose your electrologist: TG referral

Was consultation free? yes
Were hairs treated? yes
Were certification/training documents displayed. yes

Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
She is very good! I'd drive a long way to use her! And very understanding and welcoming of TS clients. I've had about 100 hours so far, 2 hours per week, for a little over a year. Looks great, is staying gone, all clear above jaw line, we have only the neck to go! (To finish my face. I'll do torso and genitals next.) I'll be happy to let others interested look at my face to see her work.

Arlene Electrology and Permanent Makeup
3435 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 311 San Diego, CA 92108

I am an Professional Electrologist (since 1977), Cosmetologist (since 1970), Dermatician (Permanent Make Up Artist) and Make Up Artist/Instructor.
My history written on these sites:

Sabrena Smith & Associates
1680 Vine Street,  Suite 917
Hollywood California 90028


I am a electrologist that has been serving the TS/TG community for the last 13 years and do not see a listing for me on your TS roadmap web page.

Licensed Registered Electrologist 15 years
Served as a board director for the Electrology Association of California 6 years
Co - author of the current California Electrologist State Exam
Advanced laser training in a IPL and Pulse Diode lasers ESC Medical
Advanced Training Photofacials

Nora Sherwood CPE
422 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122
415 753-5851

One of my TS clients advised me to advertise on Google.  When I typed in my name it came up as a TG friendly  electrologist. I have been practicing electrolysis in San Francisco since 1978, and have had numerous TG customers. Last year I was invited to give a presentation at one of the TGSF meetings, where I met many very nice people.

I have migrated this information to my hair removal site.

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