Transsexual voice resources

To help you avoid expensive and risky surgeries, we now offer a video program for Finding Your Female Voice.

This program is a major expansion of our free original voice materials.

Volume 2: Spectrogram Exercises

This video has instructions on using a spectogram program to assist with your practice This program is a major expansion of our free original spectrogram instructions. Those of you who have purchased Volume 1 can contact us for a discount on Volume 2.

Voice consultations


Below are other sites with information and programs available.

Amberspace voice tips:

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Rach's voice tips:

How to develop a female voice by Melanie Anne Phillips:

Exceptional Voice:

Jamie Koufman MD urges moratorium on voice feminization surgeries:

Laser-Assisted Voice Adjustment (LAVA) patients: important follow-up study needs you!

Selected references: Speech Therapy and the Transsexual Voice:

Feminine Voice techniques:

Transsexual Voice for the Tone Deaf:

Using Your Computer's Sound Input to Improve Your Feminine Voice:

From a reader in October 2004:

[The specific program mentioned by the reader appears to be missing as of this update. There are other programs on that page.]