Vaginoplasty with Pierre Brassard

Contact information:

Address: 1003, East St-Joseph Blvd Montreal(Quebec) Canada H2J 1L2

Phone: 514 288-2097

Fax: 514 288-3547



Works with Yvon Menard at Clinique de chirurgie esthétique St-Joseph.

2006 update: Dr. Brassard is now licensed in the State of Michigan (# 4301 088963) in response to recent legislation in some U.S. states (notably Illinois) that all SRS affidavits must now be completed by the surgeon who must be licensed in the United States. They will not accept affidavits from other doctors.  Only the SRS surgeon may complete the affidavit. Below is the announcement he sent out in August 2006:

Dear patient and friend:
I have received the emails regarding the new restrictive rule on birth certificate change.  It is a serious issue.  I am applying for medical licensure at the Michigan Department of Community Health.  Please spread the word.
P. Brassard

He received licensure in September 2006.

General pages:

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Their consumer site has nothing but positive consumer experiences (as one might expect), including a PDF called "An Idiot's Guide to Surgery in Montreal" by Joanne M. (undated), listed as "Account 4" under "8 contact persons and links." I'd share the link, but whoever "designed" their site made it impossible to link to anything directly.

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