Frequently-asked questions

I've compiled answers to the common questions I get. Please read all my information before sending me a question.

How much did you pay?

See my page on costs.

Does Dr. Ousterhout require a therapist's letter?


Did people at work notice?

Not really, but I was careful to conceal things by wearing a baseball cap.

How was scarring?

Not noticeable after several months

How was numbness?

Fine after several months, although there's still change in sensation I expect will be permanent. Doesn't bother me, though.

Do you have to stay after surgery?

Check with him.

Does he do voice surgery?


Does he do SRS?


Does he offer financing?

Check with him.

Does he take credit cards?


If I send you a photo will you tell me what I need done?


Did your voice change?


Should I do SRS or face?

I recommend face if you don't pass and that's your goal.

I got an estimate from Dr. ___ for ___ work, and his estimate was $____. Should I do it?

I can't answer that.

From a reader in 2005:

Hello I'm a transsexual who would like to contribute a little to your website.

I have found a cosmetic surgery website and had some surgeries through them.their website is they do any sort of surgeries for very low prices compared to the regular prices through out the country. All their doctors are board certified and I have been referred to doctor Robert Winslow, M.D, F.A.C.S. in Sacramento, CA because Ilive in California and he's the nearest doctor to me on their huge list of doctors in the nation that they promote. His website is

He is transgender friendly and he has done several facial and body surgeries to transsexuals, he does not perfom SRS. I had some facial surgeries done with him and also breast and body contouring, and I could tell you he is a very dedicated professional doctor.

The way 1800beyourbest works is that you go onto the website and choose the state that you reside in and fill out a very small application and submit it, you'll get an email from them that verifies your information and the information of your patient advisor at the facility and a telephone number that you have to call (it's toll free) then they will ask you what procedures you want done and go through all the basics with you, you will get an appointment with a doctor near you (board certified and at least has been a surgeon for 10 years not any less). If you like the doctor and everything goes well, you have to pay 500 dollars to reserve your surgery date (which is applied to your surgery price), if not its only a 25-50 dollars charge for the regular consultation. The website has an extended price list, before after photos, and information on everything, if you don't find a procedure on the website that does not mean they don't cover it, they cover every procedure, but not SRS.

Hope this helps the other transsexuals out there who can't afford the high priced surgeries.