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Reader essays on gender transition

When someone sends me a letter or article that I feel is worth sharing with others, I add them here. I also have a special section of younger voices with thoughts from others who did this in their teens or early twenties.

Please note that I do not necessarily agree with these opinions, but I present them here because I believe they raise important points to consider.

What I did right [archive]

  • Thoughts from a reader who has recently finished most physical aspects of transition.

Confidence [archive]

  • Great suggestions on building self-esteem.

Low pay and transition [archive]

  • Some good suggestions for those who feel the money pinch.

Kim’s work transition [archive]

  • A good piece on how things might go, and why sticking it out can get tough.

Tatt4Trannies [archive]

  • A great sendup of sites that gouge the TG community.

Everybody’s Free (To Start Electrolysis) [archive]

  • A lighthearted collection of great observations and excellent advice.

Reasons [archive]

  • A nice essay from someone who’s in the middle of transition as she writes.

The 7DS Theory of Transsexuality [archive]

  • An excellent counterpoint to a certain attempt to explain motivation for transition.

The DIANATI [archive]

  • A wickedly funny riff on the COGIATI gender test.

So You Want to be a T-Girl [archive]

  • A 2004 reality check by Miss Fiorella for those who think of this as a sexualized fantasy.

Life after you’re “done” [archive]

  • A beautiful piece on life after the physical aspects of transition are completed.

The Cycle of Change [archive]

  • An excellent overview of issues surrounding coming out.

FAQs about transsexuality [archive]

  • A nice piece written to help co-workers understand.

Mid-20’s observations [archive]

  • A short piece by someone who’s recently gone full-time.

How lies affect spouses of TGs [archive]

  • From a woman who was deeply hurt by her ex-spouse.

Sex identity [archive]

  • A long but interesting article on trans issues from a social worker who transitioned.

Making it [archive]

  • From someone who got through the tough part.

Immigrants [archive]

  • An empowering piece by a reader.

The T-Word [archive]

  • An editorial on the long-running debate about definitions.

Exhibit closed [archive]

  • An essay on stealth, dating, and long-term transition.