Facial gender confirmation surgery

Facial gender confirmation surgery (FGCS) comprises surgical options for transgender people who want to alter their head and neck surgically as part of a gender change. These procedures are much more commonly performed on trans women and people seeking to feminize their appearance.

Many of the medical options are also chosen by genderqueer and nonbinary + people. In some cases, they may choose novel combinations of these options. For more, see: Genderqueer, nonbinary + surgeries.

For women and transfeminine people

These procedures are called facial feminization surgery and are sometimes abbreviated FFS. Options include:

For men and transmasculine people

These procedures are called facial masculinization surgery and are sometimes abbreviated FMS. Options include:

  • Tracheal augmentation (Adam’s apple implant)
  • Forehead lengthening and augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Masculinizing rhinoplasty
  • Chin recontouring and augmentation
  • Jaw recontouring and augmentation
  • Lip reduction

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