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SaidIt vs. transgender people

SaidIt is a social media platform created as an alternative to reddit. After many “gender critical” users and groups were banned on reddit for anti-transgender hate speech, some of those banned users moved to SaidIt.

SaidIt claims it has less censorship than reddit and claims to be “one of the safe havens for truth seekers, alt-historians, and conspirophiles in an increasingly globally thoughtpoliced state.” It is a toxic online community and a service of choice for online anti-transgender content.

SaidIt’s 2022 Google results show two anti-transgender subsaidits among the top results.


SaidIt was founded in 2017.


  • magnora7 (Texas)
  • d3rr (California)
  • TheAmeliaMay (Arkansas) aka conservative transgender woman Amelia May Johnson [resigned]

Anti-trans subsaidits

SaidIt subreddit


In the past, when the domain was shut down, the domain would sometimes redirect to the SaidIt subreddit (r/saiditnet). Calculating the Jaccard index of posts, participants on the SaidIt subreddit accrete into five reddit community clusters:

  • reddit critics
    • RedditAlternatives
    • RedditCensorship
  • conspiracists
    • Conspiracyundone
  • anti-porn / separatist lesbians
    • LesBiGay
    • FightFemaleErasure
    • nametheproblem
    • LesbianDating Strategy
    • ThePinkPills
  • substance use / dependence
    • crippling alcoholism [CA]
      • OutlandishAlcoholics
      • IsCrashAlive
    • drug use [Pharma]
      • PharmacoGreen
      • PharmaShopsLegal
      • KamagraGreen
  • Axis/Nazi fans
    • ConservativeWW2
    • RebuttalTime
    • Wehradudes
  • BlockedAndReported fans
    • ShitLibSafari


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