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Prisha Mosley / “detransaqua” and transgender people

Prisha Mosley is an American ex-transgender activist. Mosley gets money and attention by making it more difficult for others to get trans healthcare.


Abigail Mosley was born February 14, 1998. Mosley’s parents are Christine Ann Bourgeois-Mosley (born 1968) and Mark Stephen Mosley (born 1962).

Mosley claims to have had “rapid onset gender dysphoria” at 12. Mosley was sexually assaulted at age 14 or 15 (versions differ).

According to Kelsey Bolar at Epoch Times:

Mosley’s parents were both against her “transitioning” as a minor. But because her mother suffered from alcoholism and her own history of mental illness, Mosley “threw away” much of what her mother said. Her father wasn’t sure what to do. Mosley describes him as having a “prove it attitude.” He told Mosley to make her own appointments and see what the professionals recommended.

Mosley then took numerous steps without parental assistance. Mosley socially transitioned in 2013, then over the next two years convinced each parent to consent to medical transition steps. Mosley began hormones at 17, in 2015.

Mosley began using the name Charlie Samael Mosley. As an adult, Mosley chose to get top surgery, in 2016. In 2017, Mosley was allegedly “lured to Florida” by trans peers and got engaged to a trans person, but they later broke up.

Mosley moved to Michigan to attend Ferris State University.

Mosley stopped taking hormones in 2022 and began fundraising for breast reconstruction, but ended up using the money for other things. According to Bolar:

After detransitioning in Florida and leaving an unhealthy relationship she was in with another individual who identified as transgender, Mosley moved to Big Rapids, Michigan, to pursue a job at a local dispensary. It was supposed to be a relaxed environment, but she said she got fired for crying every day. Mosley has since started school but can only take courses online because she doesn’t feel comfortable being seen.

Anti-transgender activism

On October 2, 2022, Mosley posted a YouTube video originally titled “I ruined my life.” In it Mosley claims that “some people in the trans community, and the transmedicalists, and the doctors really really target the most vulnerable of us.”

In that vulnerable state Mosley was then targeted and groomed by conservative and fascist activists. They showered Mosley with money and attention. Because regret is so rare, Mosley got flown around the country to testify against healthcare for trans and gender diverse minors in states where Mosley does not live:

  • Louisiana HB463
  • Ohio SB68
  • Texas HB 1686
  • South Carolina
  • Texas SB14
  • Indiana SB480
  • Florida Board of Medicine

Mosley is heavily invested in taking the sick role and identifying as disabled and diseased (mentally ill). Taking the sick role is a kind of attention-seeking behavior.

Mosley’s alleged diseases and health problems include:

  • anorexia (cured)
  • transgender (cured)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • “psychosis”
  • “delusions”
  • “permanent damage to my back and ribs”
  • “severe vaginal atrophy”
  • “painful genitals so severe I can no longer use tampons”
  • “never had a normal period”
  • “chronic pain”
  • “I live in a painful body that no longer belongs to me”
  • muscle and fat redistribution left me with “constant burning pain”
  • “hurts to hold myself up”
  • “clumsiness”
  • “my chest is numb except for the occasional zapping pain”
  • “joint pain for the rest of my life”
  • “my back and joints ache constantly”
  • “lost the ability to sing”
  • “painful to speak for long periods”
  • “most likely infertile”
  • “large painful shoulders”
  • “I’m no longer able to regulate my own hormones”
  • “pain tolerance is lower”
  • “overgrown heart”
  • “increased risk for heart attack and stroke”
  • “doctors have abandoned me”
  • “doctors blackmailed my parents”
  • “missing pieces of my nipples”
  • need “at least three more traumatizing surgeries”
  • “I will never be able to feed my children”

Mosley does not seem to take much personal responsibility for these life choices, especially those made as an adult. Until there is some personal responsibility taken, Mosley is doomed to remain a miserable victim cultist.

Jordan Campbell, Ron Miller, Josh Payne, and Daniel Sepulveda are the founders of Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC (CMP), a firm focused on suing providers of trans health services. They and Envisage Law in Raleigh are representing Mosley in litigation against the people who tried to help Mosley, and CMP also represents ex-trans litigant Soren Aldaco in Texas.


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