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Daisy Strongin and transgender people

Daisy Strongin is an American ex-transgender activist. Strongin gets money and attention by making it harder for other people to get trans healthcare.


Daisy Marie Chadra was born in April 1998. Chadra came out as trans on May 29, 2015 at age 17, using the name Oliver “Ollie” Chadra. As an adult, Chadra obtained hormones at Planned Parenthood. At age 20, Chadra had top surgery.

After graduating York Community High School, Chadra earned an associate’s degree from College of DuPage in 2019. Chadra then attended North Central College.

Chadra made additional changes in identity and expression in October 2020, at age 22.

Jason Strongin and Daisy Strongin were married on December 12, 2021. They had a baby named Gabriel in 2022.

Daisy Strongin converted to Catholicism in 2023.

Ex-trans activism

Stongin appears in the 2023 anti-trans media piece DETRANS by PragerU and has also appeared on shows by anti-trans activists Benjamin Boyce and Preston Sprinkle.


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