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“Chloe Cole” / Chloe Brockman and transgender people

“Chloe Cole” is the stage name of Chloe Brockman, an American ex-transgender activist. Similar to the ex-gay movement, ex-trans activists get money and attention by making it harder for others to get trans healthcare. Many claim to have been cured of being trans via “desistance” or “detransition.”


Chloe Elise Brockman was born July 27, 2004.

Brockman’s mother is Jocelyn V. (Torrecampo) Brockman (born 1968), a perioperative nurse who has worked for Kaiser Permanente. Jocelyn Brockman married Jeffrey Allen “Jeff” Brockman (born 1971), an IT entrepreneur who was raised in a Mormon household.

Chloe Brockman has four adult siblings: Jacob, Chelsea, Maddie, and Calvin. At this time, it’s unclear if they are a blended family. It is possible some of the children were fostered or adopted. It appears that Jocelyn also has a family connection to Donald Lee Tre Davis (born 1970).

Chloe Brockman grew up in Manteca, California. As a child, Brockman had two cleft palate repair surgeries.

Brockman had an “emotionally troubled” childhood that included several assessments and diagnoses:

  • September 12, 2012 (age 8): “disruptive behavior disorder”
  • November 26, 2013 (age 9): “encounter for school problem”
  • October 9, 2015 (age 11): “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD)

According to self-reports, Brockman came out as trans after exhibiting gender-diverse behavior starting about age 9, around the time puberty started. Brockman created an Instagram account at 11. In May 2017, at age 12, Brockman wrote a letter to both parents, asking to be referred to as a boy and by the names Ky or Chi.

On November 30, 2017, Brockman had a consultation with an endocrinologist who advised against beginning hormone therapy. The family sought a second opinion on Brockman’s insistence and gave legal consent for medical transition.

In early 2018, at age 13, Brockman began a medical transition under the care of endocrinologist Lisa Taylor, with puberty blockers followed by testosterone injections starting a month later.

At age 14, Brockman’s chest was groped at school by a bully. This traumatic event led to daily use of a chest binder. Brockman asked Taylor for a referral to plastic surgeon Hop Le. Brockman then had a psychological evaluation with Susanne Watson, who recommended honoring Brockman’s request for top surgery.

Amid the pressure of trying to help their troubled child, Brockman’s parents filed for divorce in 2019.

Brockman began using the given name Leo and was encouraged to attend classes with a family peer group of other transmasculine minors. Brockman’s surgery occurred following parental consent. On June 3, 2020, Brockman underwent top surgery a month before turning 16. During COVID quarantine in the summer of 2020, Brockman started to have “regrets” before discontinuing hormones in May 2021. According to the 2023 lawsuit, Brockman “became intensely suicidal for the first time and prone to emotional outbursts.” Elsewhere in the lawsuit, they claim Brockman was exhibiting “passive suicidal ideation” around the time Jeff and Jocelyn filed for divorce (which it appears they never finalized).

Brockman failed out of high school as a senior and had to get a California High School Proficiency Exam Certificate instead. As failure, isolation, and rejection took their toll, Brockman was radicalized by conservative edgelord online culture. Anti-transgender activism soon followed. This brought Brockman to the attention of Harmeet Dhillon and other conservative or fascist activists, who began showering Brockman with money and attention.


February: Creates Twitter account ChoooCole

April: Creates Twitter account puddingpandan

April 19: Profiled by Suzy Weiss (sister of Bari Weiss)

April 19: Do No Harm Foundation’s Stanley Goldfarb announces launch; later funds some of Brockman’s activism

May: Testifies against gender-affirming care in Ohio

June 28: Testifies against gender-affirming care in California (SB107)

July: Turns 18

July: Testifies against Medicaid coverage for trans healthcare in Florida

July 13: Registers

July 15: Creates GoFundMe

July 24: Conservative IT entrepreneur Steven Corpus “Steve” Beddoe registers the corporation Trenderz LLC in California as part of the domain and GoFundMe marketing campaign. “Trender” is a slur in toxic online communities to describe people who allegedly make a gender transition because it’s trendy.

September: Supports “Protect Children’s Innocence Act” by Marjorie Taylor Greene

September: Testifies against California becoming a sanctuary state for children seeking gender-affirming care

September 28: Interview with David Freiheit of Viva Frei

October 9: Appears on a Twitch stream with other conservative trans media figures Blaire White, Buck Angel, “Shape Shifter,” Fabian Liberty, “TullipR,” and “Taftaj”

October 21: Creates Instagram account chooocole

October: Speaks at “Rally to End Child Mutilation” in Tennessee

October 27: Preaches at Godspeak Cavalry Chapel

November 9: Announces notice of intent to sue

November 11: Interview with Tucker Carlson

November 17: Interview with Tulsi Gabbard

December 12: Interview with Rita Panahi of Sky News Australia

December 22: Interview with Marissa Streit of PragerU

December 22: Interview with Glenn Beck


January 2: Interview with Jordan Peterson

January 6: Interview with Drea Humphrey of Rebel News

January 12: Profile on The Daily Signal

January 12: Interview with Kevin Roberts for The Heritage Foundation

January 24: Testifies in support of Utah ban on gender-affirming care for minors (House Bill 132)

January: Speaks at “Teens Against Gender Mutilation Rally” in Tennessee

January: Speaks at Parents on Patrol panel “Stolen Innocence: A Panel on the Insidious Ideology Infecting Your Children’s Education”

January 31: Testified in support of Tennessee House Bill and Senate Bill 1 banning gender affirming care for minors

February 6: Interview with Megyn Kelly

February 6: Profile on Independent Women’s Forum

February: Supports Idaho ban on gender-affirming care for minors (House Bill 71,); her appearance was financed by conservative Idaho Freedom Foundation

February: Testifies in favor of Kansas ban on gender-affirming care for minors (Senate Bill 233)

February 17: Testifies in favor of South Dakota HB 1080 banning gender-affirming care for minors

February 21: addressed the Florida House Health & Human Services Committee

March 3: Appears on a panel at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

March 12: Appears with six ex-trans activists in Sacramento for “Detransition Awareness Day”

March 28: Interview with Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec

April 17: Appears at Dartmouth Republicans event in New Hampshire

April 20: Testifies in favor of New Hampshire Parental Rights Bill

May 2: Testifies in favor of Louisiana ban on gender-affirming care for minors (House Bill 463)

April 19: Testifies in favor of New Hampshire Bill SB272 banning gender-affirming care for minors

May 26: Testifies in favor of House Bill 454 banning gender-affirming care for minors

2023 lawsuit

On February 22, 2023 conservative lawyers filed suit in California, alleging Brockman was a victim of medical negligence.


  • Chloe E. Brockman a/k/a Chloe Cole


  • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc.
  • Permanente Medical Group, Inc.
    • Lisa Kristine Taylor, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist
    • Hop Nguyen Le, MD, a plastic surgeon
    • Susanne E. Watson, PhD, a clinical psychologist
  • Does 1 through 50

Brockman’s lawyers

  • Charles S. LiMandri
  • Paul M. Jonna
  • Robert E. Weisenburger
  • Harmeet K. Dhillon
  • John-Paul S. Deol
  • Jesse D. Franklin-Murdock
  • Mark E. Trammell

The lawyers claim Brockman has had these conditions:

  • pornography addiction
  • disruptive behavior disorder (diagnosed September 12, 2012)
  • encounter for school problem (diagnosed November 26, 2013)
  • ADHD (diagnosed October 9, 2015)
  • general anxiety
  • social anxiety
  • speech difficulties
  • depression
  • pubertal struggles associated with significantly increased negative emotions
  • body dysmorphia and serious self-image concerns
  • symptoms of an eating disorder
  • learning disabilities
  • autism spectrum symptoms
  • a cleft palate for which surgery had been performed
  • concerns about being sexually abused or raped, that eventually materialized into a sexual assault
  • exposure to only negative aspects about being female, without any discussion of the positive aspects of being female, including menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, male domination, and similar distorting ideas
  • difficulty at school
  • trouble with social interaction and learning
  • social troubles
  • severe distress
  • ongoing confusion regarding her gender
  • suicidal ideation

They put forth the “social contagion” model that claims Brockman was misled by LGBT activist groups and transgender social media influencers.

They also make the common ex-trans claim: “The fact that Plaintiff detransitioned after the so-called treatment establishes res ipsa loquitor that Plaintiff was not transgender.”


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