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Abel Garcia and transgender people

Abel Garcia is an American ex-transgender activist. Garcia gets money and attention by making it more difficult for others to get trans healthcare.


Garcia was born in 1997. According to Garcia, this is the timeline:

  • 2009 (age 12) began thinking about transition
  • 2015 (age 18) began looking for help to transition and found a therapist, attending sessions for over a year
  • 2016 (age 19) moved out of the family home and began transition
  • 2017 (age 20) legal name and gender change
  • 2018 (age 21)
    • got breast implants; was initially happy, had regrets a few months later
    • turned away from that “lifestyle” following a “salvation from God”
    • began looking for help to “detransition”
  • 2019 (age 22) found a new therapist
  • 2020 (age 23) had implants removed and began socially “detransitioning”
  • 2021 (age 24) planned follow-up surgery to remove unwanted breast tissue

Ex-transgender activism

Since embracing religious conservatism, Garcia is featured in a number of anti-trans projects, including the 2023 film No Way Back.

Garcia has been interviewed by gender critical activists including

Garcia has been interviewed by other ex-trans activists including:

Garcia has been interviewed anti-trans-front groups including:

Garcia appears in the 2023 anti-trans media piece DETRANS by PragerU.


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