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Sara Stockton vs. transgender people

Sara Stockton is an American therapist whose views on controlling trans healthcare have gotten more conservative and extreme.

Do not go to Stockton for any kind of therapy, trans or otherwise. If you are a trans or gender diverse minor forced to see Stockton, do everything in your power to end the sessions and find supportive local resources instead.

Stockton is known for appearances in conservative media. Stockton expresses concerns about trans healthcare to anti-trans extremists like Jordan Peterson, Sasha Ayad, and Stella O’Malley.

Stockton is involved in anti-transgender group Genspect and has appeared on their podcast Gender: A Wider Lens.


Sara E. Burke was born in June 1986 and was married to Daniel J. Farmer (born 1984), having a child together in 2012.

Stockton is currently married to Quincy J. Stockton (born 1979).

Stockton earned a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and a master’s degree from Medaille College in 2018.

In 2012, Stockton co-authored a mental health assessment for gatekeeping trans healthcare. Stockton initially treated, advocated for, and taught about youth and families regarding gender identity and expression. Stockton worked with over one hundred families, often clearing youth for medical transition. Stockton later shifted focus, citing concerns about outcomes.

Since then Stockton has become a favored source for other anti-transgender activists.


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