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Michael Seto vs. transgender people

Michael Seto is a Canadian psychologist whose work focuses on sex and gender minorities.

He has used disease models to describe trans people, including the deprecated and unscientific term “gynandromorph.” No reputable scientist uses this term for humans. It is only used by transphobes in the context of attraction to transgender people. The disease “gynandromorphophilia” was created by Peter Collins and Ray Blanchard, two transphobic colleagues of Seto’s. Blanchard has published articles with Seto. Collins has quoted research by Seto in testimony about the use of child-sized sex dolls as a possible way to prevent sex offenses against children.


Seto was born in 1967. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of British Columbia in 1989. He then earned a master’s degree from Queen’s University in 1992, followed by a doctorate in 1997.

He worked at notorious anti-transgender facility CAMH from 1998 to 2008. Much of his research focuses on adolescent sex offenders, minor attracted persons, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

University of Ottawa Institute for Mental Health Research

He became editor of Sexual Abuse in 2015 and consulting editor of Journal of Sex Research in 2014. Carleton University University of Ottawa University of Toronto

He is married to sexologist Meredith Chivers. In 2003, Chivers and Seto sat on a panel at the Kinsey Institute with J. Michael Bailey as part of a multidisciplinary group of researchers in sexual psychophysiology.

Seto joined the International Academy of Sex Research and the editorial board at the journal they control, The Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Seto’s Wikipedia bio was written by anti-transgender troll James Cantor, who is now banned. Seto has made additional edits to it himself.


In science, a gynandromorph is an animal with bilateral intersex traits and sex mosaics. Gynandromorph has never been used by scientists to describe mammals, let alone primates like humans. No human has ever been observed with bilateral intersex traits.

Seto’s beliefs and unscientific terminology have made their way into publications like Reason:

Even the gender dimension is more complex than most realize, writes Seto, with some people “attracted to gynandromorphs, that is… individuals with physical features of both sexes … other individuals who are attracted specifically to transgender people, and those who would describe themselves as more pansexual with regard to gender, for example, being attracted to both cis- and trans-gender women or men.”

Selected publications

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